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hey, hey it’s still May

May 24th, 2017 by BLOGitse received 29 Comments »


You have still time to watch this little fellow


The Saimaa ringed seal, saimaannorppa in Finnish by BLOGitse


‘The Saimaa ringed seal, saimaannorppa in Finnish,

is one of the rarest seals in the world.’





Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve been away a couple of weeks…

I’ll be on and off near future too. I don’t have time to be online because


SPRING is here and we have to do all kinds of things out there…



spring green birch by BLOGitse



Theme Art challenge May 2017

‘sketch and complete a work in five minutes’


Here are the sketches


sketches for Theme Art '5 mins' by BLOGitse



and here with watercolor, finished


Theme Art challenge May 2017 5 mins_complete crocs by BLOGitse



Theme Art challenge May 2017 5 mins_complete crocs by BLOGitse



Theme Art challenge May 2017 5 mins_complete grape hyacinth by BLOGitse



Theme Art challenge May 2017 5 mins_complete wood anemone by BLOGitse



All finished images


collage Theme Art Challenge May 2017 by BLOGitse

Tein näitä enemmänkin mutta en millään ehdi editoida ja postata enempää.

Viisi työtä ja viisi minuuttia…

Mukavaa toukokuun jatkoa kaikille!



I’m linking these also for


Paint Party Friday



weekend image by BLOGitse







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29 Responses to “hey, hey it’s still May”

  1. avatar sirokko says:

    Nämä ovat niin aitoja sketchejä ja todella kauniisti vesiväri lähtee pensselistäsi. Tykkään tavastasi tehdä näitä.
    sirokko recently posted..5 minaa 3.My Profile

  2. avatar Millin says:

    Luonoksessasi on vapaata ja rentoa viivaa on ilo katsella. Vesivärillä viimeistelyssä sama rentous näkyy. Pidän kukkistasi ja tavastasi löytää arkisia aiheita. Onnitelut sarjasta!
    Millin recently posted..Vielä lisää teemaan 7-9/6My Profile

  3. avatar SusuPetal says:

    Tuo norppalive on kyllä mielenkiintoinen, aina välillä pysähdyn katsomaan sitä, nautinnollista köllöttelyä kivellä.
    Juu, ei koneella malta olla, koska vihdoin kevät!

    Komppaan Sirokkoa tyylistäsi, tykkään.

    Aurinkoisia päiviä!

    • avatar BLOGitse says:

      Kiitos Susu, just äsken kävin Pullervoa kurkkaamassa mutta kivi oli tyhjä…missä lie nyt sukeltelemassa…

  4. avatar Jael says:

    Ihana kevät ja luonnon herääminen:) Hienot työt:)
    Jael recently posted..DIY halvamakeisetMy Profile

  5. avatar Valerie-Jael says:

    Lovely water colour sketches, happy spring. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  6. avatar SERENA LEWIS says:

    Happy Spring to you! Winter arrives at our doorstep on June 1st.

    Nice work on all your sketches….Happy PPF!

    • avatar BLOGitse says:

      I visited your site – your portraits are amazing! Unfortunately I can not comment on your blog because your comment setting do not allow URL/name commenting. snif.

  7. Love seeing the sketches before and after. You create an awakening:-)
    EAGHL/Granny Annie recently posted..THE NOSE KNOWSMy Profile

  8. avatar Linda K says:

    really lovely sketches. Thanks for sharing about the darling seal too. Enjoy Spring and happy PPF!

    • avatar BLOGitse says:

      This morning ‘Pullervo’, the seal, wasn’t in his nest. Maybe it’s diving with his friends…

  9. I love 5 minute sketches and yours are fabulous. I love your photo too.
    Nicole/Beadwright recently posted..PPF Ellimorph Faces CabsMy Profile

  10. avatar JKW says:

    5 min Sketches and then watercolor are extraordinary. Good practice. I love the seal . . . and have it bookmarked to watch, thank you. Animals are fascinating. I always wanted to live in a nature center and I am pretty close to that now (just moved from beautiful FL to OK) I read your Bio and am very impressed with what you do and are doing. Blessings, Janet

  11. avatar Susan says:

    Five minutes, WOW I am impressed. Color certainly makes a difference, doesn’t it? Happy PPF

  12. avatar Rasz says:

    I love those quick sketches! And then adding watercolor to them really added a lot. Either way they are great! I have to ask, are those rare seals really that uhm…big with little heads are is this one just a little overweight? Happy PPF! Hugz, Rasz
    Rasz recently posted..Best Day of the week, Paint Party Friday!My Profile

    • avatar BLOGitse says:

      ‘Pullervo’, the seal, is a baby, that’s why it looks overweight 🙂
      Right now it’s not at home but hopefully we’ll see him before end of this month…

  13. avatar gillena says:

    I did not see the video when i clicked on the link so i went to YOUTUBE

    Luv the watercolour sketches
    Happy PPF

    much love…
    gillena recently posted..2106My Profile

  14. Love the pops of color you add to your sketches with watercolor! Watercolor is by far my favorite medium and I love seeing all the different effects people get with it! Happy PPF!

  15. avatar Selma says:

    Kepeän hauskoja piirroksia ovat kaikki 5 min työsi. Hyvin sopeutuvat kollaasiin ja onnittelut papukaijasta 🙂
    Hyvää ja onnellista kesää sinulle 🙂

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