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life is good

December 5th, 2012 by BLOGitse received 31 Comments »


week #49 photos



What do you think this is?


Correct answer at the end of the post…


 what's this by BLOGitse



makroviikko/macro week challenge #83



teema / theme:


sinivalkoinen // blue-and-white



Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:


macro #83 'blue-and-white' by BLOGitse


Finland’s Independence Day is a national public holiday held on

6 December to celebrate Finland’s declaration of independence

from the Russian Empire.


Want to read more, go to wikipedia



Mukavaa itsenäisyyspäivää kaikille!




Other entries:


Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City



sea, waiting by BLOGitse


I couldn’t swim there even if looks nice – sunny but chilly!



it's autumn in Malaga too by BLOGitse


For me it’s still autumn here in Málaga, not as cold as in Finland but not summer warm either…

When the sun is smiling it’s really nice and warm – if the wind is not too hard…



my future home by BLOGitse


My future home. You are all welcome for a (short) visit! 🙂



And now the answer picture…


sun umbrellas having a winter break by BLOGitse


Beach umbrellas having a winter break…



He who opens a school door, closes a prison.

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.

Both quotes by Victor Hugo



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31 Responses to “life is good”

  1. avatar Anna Amnell says:

    Pidän kovasti tuosta sinisestä väristä.
    Anna Amnell recently posted..Makrotex 83: sinivalkoinenMy Profile

  2. avatar lepis says:

    Jaa, että olet sitten kerännyt tänne rästihommia 😉
    Ihanaa kuvakavalkadia kuitenkin. Joko olet palannut pakkaseen?
    lepis recently posted..Sunday Classic – 021212My Profile

  3. avatar Yaelian says:

    Kiitos samoin sinullle! Miten sujuu espanja ja onko kurssia vielä paljon jäljellä?
    Yaelian recently posted..Taisi olla hurja tuuli ja uusi princettiaMy Profile

  4. avatar arleena says:

    Sinivalkoista löytyi sopivasti. Mutta niin ihanan hehkuvat kesäiset kuvat saivat täällä pakkasessa ajatuksien siirron välittömästi sinne missä aurinko paistaa ja laineet liplattaa.
    Mukavaa itsenäisyyspäivää sinne.
    Joulu lähestyy ja kiirettä riittää.
    arleena recently posted..LasiomenaMy Profile

  5. Purkkako siinä yhdessä oli sinisenä?

  6. avatar Tellu T says:

    Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!

  7. avatar kaari3 says:

    Oikein sylintäydeltä kaunista! Joksikin puunrungoksi luulin, kovin ovat varjot saaneet aurinkoa. Mainio kuva siitä! Lämmintä joulukuuta!
    kaari3 recently posted..makro#83My Profile

  8. avatar pikkujutut says:

    Ja minä jäin miettimään mikä on tuo mötikkä- Kivi?Purkka?Pyyhekumi?
    pikkujutut recently posted..blue and whiteMy Profile

  9. avatar BLOGitse says:

    Tuo sininen on vain kuori, sisällä LAKUA! Juu, täällä on yksi karkkikauppa jossa on aikamoinen valikoima lakuja – oikeaa salmiakkia en ole vielä nähnyt mutta onneksi Haganolia on vielä jäljellä 🙂
    BLOGitse recently posted..life is goodMy Profile

  10. avatar Sirpa says:

    Purukumiksi minäkin olisin tuota sinistä veikannut 🙂
    Kesäistä siellä, täällä on sakea lumisade…
    Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää sinullekin.
    Sirpa recently posted..Makroviikko 83My Profile

  11. Hihhei! En kyllä arvannut kuvaasi. Mukavia päiviä sinulle 😀
    kiirepakolainen recently posted....miettivi suuntaan sataan, ainaista ongelmataan…My Profile

  12. Such interesting phots! I would never have guessed the umbrellas! And love the delightful street leading to the sea!
    Gemma Wiseman recently posted..In the distance…My Profile

  13. avatar Chie says:

    A great & cool life.

    Enjoy to the fullest.

    Happy SSS,
    Chie recently posted..Winter At D´Box on SSS2My Profile

  14. avatar Ralph says:

    I thought that it was some sort of knitted thatch – perhaps a hat. Well, the umbrellas do work the same to provide shade – cool! Of course Malaga does not look cool but inviting. But since you are from Finland, you know cold very well. The city and sea look beautiful…
    Ralph recently posted..Shadow Shot Sunday – Aerospace place shadowsMy Profile

  15. avatar sylviakirk says:

    Such a lovely place!! And wonderful shadow shots for the day! I love the unusual umbrellas! Happy SSS!! Have a great weekend!

  16. avatar robin says:

    you are experiencing so much…and such awesome shots you share. love the new house!! we have snow here today…sunny and 41 yesterday…weather keeps life interesting that is for sure!! have a great week ahead!!
    robin recently posted..…greatest of all causes…My Profile

  17. avatar Patti V. says:

    I never would have known what that was!
    The scenery is beautiful there.

    Your new home looks lovely.
    Patti V. recently posted..Shadow Shot SundayMy Profile

  18. Let me know when you are in your future home-I want to come visit! Love that macro shot of the thatched roof!
    Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio recently posted..Greetings From My Parallell UniversesMy Profile

  19. avatar Keetha says:

    Your future home is AWESOME. I HOPE you’ll give us a “grand tour” once you are inside.

    I KNEW the mystery picture was woven grasses, but couldn’t quite figure out what they were woven into until you showed us at the end.

    Fun post.
    Keetha recently posted..A Christmas Madrigal for Sunday in My CityMy Profile

  20. avatar Molly says:

    Oh your new house looks amazing. Lucky you. What a beautiful place to live.


  21. avatar Star Traci says:

    Happy Independence Day!

    The shots are so beautiful. Your future home is gorgeous!

    Happy Sunday!
    Star Traci recently posted..Sundays in My City #43 — Wagon TrailMy Profile

  22. avatar Wayne says:

    What a great set of pictures…I really had to think about that one.
    Wayne recently posted..Sundays In My CityMy Profile

  23. avatar BLOGitse says:

    Hola a todos!
    ‘My future home’ photo – is a JOKE! Sorry! It’s NOT my future home BUT I’d love to own it…too expensive to renovate plus maintenance, electricity etc.

    I’m very busy today – if not visiting your blog today, I’ll pop in tomorrow!!!!
    BLOGitse recently posted..life is goodMy Profile

  24. avatar Tara R. says:

    I wasn’t even close on the guess. I thought it was some sort of woven rug. I like the leaves shot too, all the wonderful textures and fall colors.
    Tara R. recently posted..Left to my own devicesMy Profile

  25. avatar Laurie says:

    I love the house. Hate the verbs, though. Aren’t they work? Bastante trabajo, verdad?
    Laurie recently posted..Fruit Man: Sundays in My CityMy Profile

  26. Unique beach umbrellas!

    Sea Horse Shadow
    Hope you’d come and see when you get a chance.
    Chubskulit Rose recently posted..Giggles & Smiles, Robinson Mall, PAMy Profile

  27. avatar Bee says:

    I love your future home! And those palm trees really make it look like the weather is so warm.

  28. avatar MamaTim says:

    The autumn leaves photo and your ‘future home’ photo are my favourite. The rest a also very pretty. I’m gonna google this city. And b4 I forget, hope it isn’t late wishing Finnish folks Happy Independence Day!
    MamaTim recently posted..Sundays in My City – Another Malay WeddingMy Profile

  29. Hi Blogitse!!
    I am back to my blog and writing. Hope you visit again soon. I will start posting photos and more tomorrow!

    So, you are living in Malaga now?! Very cool. I enjoyed Spain quite a bit when we visited last year.

    Catch up soon!
    Ballerina Girl recently posted..am I forgotten?My Profile

  30. avatar TeeTee says:

    Estás trabajando muy bien con desafio macro. 🙂
    TeeTee recently posted..Live or let dieMy Profile

  31. avatar Unknown Mami says:

    Lovely future home. The kind of place a visitor would not want to leave.
    Unknown Mami recently posted..I Meant to be Selfish, but MasterCard Marketplace Turned me into SantaMy Profile

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