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The environment is…

November 22nd, 2012 by BLOGitse received 30 Comments »

…everything that isn’t me.

Albert Einstein



week #47 photos




makroviikko/macro week challenge #81


teema / theme:


nappi // button



Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:


macro #81 'button' by BLOGitse


Piti ostaa pyjaman housut ettei yöllä palellu jos peitto valahtaa pois päältä.

‘Queen of the night’ – eipä kyllä ole minun housuissani! 🙂 🙂 🙂




Other entries:


Shadow Shot Sunday2


This time every photo is a shadow shot! 🙂



Sundays In My City



The other day I had a long walk on the beach –

long because I had a camera with me!



Malaga beach findings by BLOGitse 1



Malaga beach findings_2 by BLOGitse



Malaga beach findings_3 by BLOGitse



Malaga beach findings_4 by BLOGitse



Malaga beach foot prints by BLOGitse


Foot prints on Playa de la Malagueta.



And now Spanish music…I like this song a lot…how about you?



It’s called CAJON, the box one guy is playing…



There are more love songs than anything else.
If songs could make you do something we’d all love one another.
Frank Zappa



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30 Responses to “The environment is…”

  1. avatar kaari3 says:

    Heh, hyvä nappi! Sarjakuvamainen pohja hieno asetelmaan. Ruosteiset kuvat ovat kuvina kauniita, mutta roskana eivät. Rakastan itse ruostetta siinä on niin ihania värejä.

    • avatar BLOGitse says:

      Aallot tuo kaikenlaista roskaa rantaan – paras kuva vasta tulossa, tämä satsi on pehmeä lasku 🙂
      Minäkin olen ruostehullu vaikken roskina niistä pidä minäkään…

  2. avatar Allu says:

    Ai sä olet edelleen Espanjassa? Puhut kieltä varmaan jo ihan sujuvasti.

  3. Kauniita ruostekuvia olet nappaissut. Queen or not, mutta Ihana yöpän nappi!

  4. avatar Yaelian says:

    Kivat askeleet hiekassa…Musiikkikin hyvää;pidän paljon espanjalaisesta ja yleensä espanjankielisestä musiikista,olen keräillyt vuosikausia.

    • avatar BLOGitse says:

      Muistan kun aikoinaan keräilin kaikenlaista mutta nykyään en kerää…paitsi kasoja. Paperi/lehti….Tälläkin reissulla olen käsinkirjoittanut varmaan paksun romaanin verran espanjaa, ihan vaan treenataksani kirjoittamista – toivon tietty auttavan myös muistamisessa 🙂

  5. avatar SusuPetal says:

    Ja taas on tunnilla varmaan leikitty, piirrelty ja sommiteltu 😉

    Ruoste on niin kaunista.

    • avatar BLOGitse says:

      Tunnilla ei ehdi leikkiä kun jatkuvasti pitää olla kuulolla…vapaalla yritän leikkiä ettei homma mene liian totiseksi 🙂

  6. napin kuningatar ainakin

  7. miksei sinun housut. Oivallinen nappi 🙂

  8. My camera always slows me down too! And, these are the very same things that I would’ve photographed too. Birds of a feather…

  9. Interesting macros of alien pieces on the beach. If only people were more thoughtful!

  10. Beaches (and deserts) can be trashy places, but they can be places of great beauty too. It all depends on what we choose to focus on.

  11. avatar Ralph says:

    The shame is that the beach is littered with many a man-made item like beer cans. I always liked the beach when nature washed up such things as conch and clam shells from the sea. Oh well, the beach shadows that surround the junk are cool though! Th PJ button has a stylish shadow that falls all over the stylish clothing…hope you are more comfortable with your Spanish lessons…

  12. The footprints look like holes to hold shadows!

  13. avatar BLOGitse says:


    My internet connection has been down since Saturday afternoon, it just started to work, so pls wait a minute or two and I’ll pop in to your site! 🙂

  14. avatar Wayne says:

    The can pictures provide a really nice sense of depth. They are beautiful in a sense.

  15. avatar Keetha says:

    I love the footprints in the sand.

  16. avatar Laurie says:

    The song is lovely. I like Spanish music. I like beach trash because sometimes one finds treasure among the trash.

  17. avatar Tara R. says:

    You even made junk look pretty. My hikes are so much longer too because of my camera.

  18. avatar Vidya Sury says:

    You’ve turned everyday stuff into works of art, BLOGitse.

    I just love the quote at the beginning!

    Happy Sunday to you!

  19. avatar robin says:

    ahh…the beach shots are my favorites…love those “footprints”…have a great week ahead, exploring with your camera…love all that you share.

  20. avatar 4joy says:

    Beach detritus… what a shame some do not think about their effect on the earth….

  21. avatar Unknown Mami says:

    You make even a crushed can look interesting.

  22. You made those unwanted cans very beautiful!

    Late visit from Shadow Shots Sunday. Here’s my link to Indoor Plants Shadow
    Your comment will be greatly appreciated.

  23. avatar Maggie says:

    You can make an old rusty can look beautiful. What can I say, when I can make the time to blog surf, there’s always something wonderful here to look at.

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