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abandoned shoes

April 6th, 2012 by BLOGitse received 31 Comments »


weekend #14 photos



shadows on the wall by BLOGitse

Shadows on our living room wall…


Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City


Life In Pictures



no leaves yet 30.3.2012 by BLOGitse

No leaves yet…



blue feather pic by BLOGitse

A blue feather? We don’t have birds this color…



unknown flower by BLOGitse

A weird plant – do you know what this is called?



shoe tossing pic by BLOGitse

We’re international – shoe tossing in Helsinki…



abandoned shoes by BLOGitse

Somebody was eager to wear his new shoes and left the old ones in the box outside the shop…

Look how neatly those shoes are waiting for a new owner…



 Early Sunday we’re flying to Berlin for a couple of days.
Yes, my camera is coming with me 🙂

We’ve booked already this for Tuesday evening!



Have a relaxing weekend






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31 Responses to “abandoned shoes”

  1. avatar lepis says:

    Kevät paljastaa kaikenlaisia yllätyksiä! Hauska tuo kenkäpaketti 🙂

    Hyvää pääsiäistä!

  2. avatar Yaelian says:

    Mukavaa pääsiäistä ja Berliinin matkaa!

  3. avatar robin says:

    many interesting shots today!! at least the person paid for new shoes…i have found old shoes in the box, in the store, on the shelf. not cool!! have a wonderful weekend!!!!! spring continued!!

  4. avatar TexWisGirl says:

    awww. poor abandoned shoes…

  5. If the shoe fits–leave it-wear it-or throw it in a tree!

    Great post!


  6. avatar Kelly says:

    You certainly found your share of unusual items this week! That blue feather is so pretty – it would make a lovely bird!

    Window blinds make perfect shadows, I think.

  7. What a fun variety of colorful shadow shots for the day! Hope you have a sunny weekend and a very Happy Easter!


  8. avatar dianne says:

    your captions are funny 🙂
    pretty photos

  9. Love the shades for SSS2!

  10. I always love the way the Venetian blinds cast their shadows on a wall. And the shoes! How interesting that people do that. I usually wear mine so thin no one else would want them. Happy Easter to you. Hope you are enjoying Berlin!!

  11. avatar Chie says:

    This the best of your SSS’s post, evah!

    I love to see your sense of humor.

    Happy SSS dear fween and hope you enjoy your trip in Berlin.


  12. avatar Ralph says:

    The new growth is an occurrence in the season of Spring. I never knew about a plastic pink flower either, but it grows under a stronger sun. Are you sure that the shoes didn’t magically grow on the tree??

  13. avatar Joan says:

    Love the shoes in the trees! Haven’t seen that in a long time.

  14. avatar Catherine, Riviera says:

    a great sequence of shots….

  15. avatar lepis says:

    Sinut on haastettu, jälleen! Tiedän tiedän! Pakko vaan tottua näihin!!!! 😀

  16. OH…just how funny….what a strange collection of “plants” you’ve found us this weekend!! Enjoyed everyone….loved the shadow as well ~ happy spring 🙂

  17. avatar anastasia says:

    nice way to keep your shoes in Helsinki! 🙂

  18. avatar Cris-Mary says:

    Nice photos. They really make me to think at the story behind the objects. Have a beautiful Sunday and all my best regards 😉

  19. avatar Molly says:

    Thank you for sharing this intriguing series of images from your world.


  20. avatar Trotter says:

    Hi Blogitse! Hope you’re having a Happy Easter! Sorry for the absence, but things are ever more difficult here…
    Blogtrotter Two is now somewhere in the Virgin Islands… Enjoy and have a great week ahead!!!

  21. avatar Wayne says:

    A very interesting set of photos this week.

  22. avatar elly weiss says:

    very funny photos! 🙂
    terveiset Romaniasta!

  23. avatar Tara R> says:

    Looks like we had the same experience with abandoned shoes this week. I like the sneaker tree.

  24. avatar Star Traci says:

    I love the purple pacifier sitting like a flower in the branches.


  25. avatar Keetha says:

    Fun shots all! ‘Round there here parts we’d call that a Binkie Tree, ma’am!

  26. avatar MamaTim says:

    LOL, this is just so funny!

  27. Interesting set of photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  28. avatar Unknown Mami says:

    Love the blue feather! Especially after the shot above with the beautiful blue sky.

  29. avatar Maggie says:

    Love the shadows on the wall – you have a way of caputuring and making interesting those things thte rest of us would overlook.

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