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stamping and faces

Friday, February 10th, 2017


So much to do this week,

drawing, stamping, painting…it’s been a fun week!


Did you have a good week?



Theme Art February’s challenge:


use self-made stamps or blocks


This time I use ready-made,

next time I’ll use self-made stamps



Theme Art Feb 2017 stamps I use by BLOGitse



Theme Art Feb 2017 stamping_#1 by BLOGitse



If you didn’t get any flowers this week – here you are!



Theme Art Feb 2017 stamping_#2 by BLOGitse



Spring is coming, jeeeee!



29faces February 2017


days # 9 – 10



(if you want to look at previous faces search with a tag ’29faces February 2017′)





faces29 Feb 2017 #9 by BLOGitse





faces29 Feb 2017 #10 David Hockney by BLOGitse


Does he look like David Hockney?



Music comes from an icicle as it melts, to live again as spring water.


Henry Williamson



Have a relaxing weekend!





BLOGitse's Appartement Coming Soon > BACS part 1.

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

I have always this notebook with me.
Writing, drawing > visualizing helps me to remember…
Our photographs for the residences has been in the company’s HR department over one month.
Yesterday we heard our photos are too big! 
They are normal EU size but here they want 
2,5cm x 2,5cm photos – over one month and now they tell us…
I like it when the paper starts looking used…
the notebook has had it’s own life – with me! 🙂

Yesterday we heard that our moving stuff is in Barcelona!
Why? Do not ask me…
My favorite Pentel automatic pencil, 0.9, B leads…
I had to stop my French lessons because of the home hunting. 
I can’t concentrate studying until our home problem is totally over 
and I have my daily life back…

SiroKKo :), a Finnish blogger in Algeria, 
gave me the post title, BACS! Thanks!
Just what I needed > waiting agency’s call to visit the flat…
ooooh, how I hope everything is okay…
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