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last face…almost

Friday, March 3rd, 2017


This is it, last picture – number 29




29faces Feb 2017






faces29 Feb 2017 #29 by BLOGitse



and one more


‘an extra man’


extra man by BLOGitse



I link these for


Paint Party Friday


where dozens of artists show their


works every Friday…



All my 29faces Feb 2017 pictures are







Have a relaxing weekend!


rosy dreams by BLOGitse


‘rosy dreams’






almost forgot


Theme Art challenge collage


February 2017





Theme Art Feb 2017 collage by BLOGitse





part of me and faces

Thursday, February 11th, 2016


I have to do a selfie in 6 pictures for

Theme Art challenge / Teemakuun taidetta 1/6


Hubby drew the lines, I painted

(paper was too soft but long enough)


theme art Feb 2016 selfie_1 by BLOGitse


No, in real life I have short hair and grey eyes…. 🙂

I do NOT look like her….


Teemataiteen eka kuva ei todellakaan ole näköinen mutta on hauskaa

leikkiä pitkillä hiuksilla kun omat on lyhyet ja sinisillä silmillä harmaiden sijaan.

Kaikki kuusi kuvaa on tehty, postaan kun ehdin.


29 faces


5 – 10/29


faces29 Feb 2016 #5 by BLOGitse#5



faces29 Feb 2016 #6 by BLOGitse#6



faces29 Feb 2016 #7 by BLOGitse#7



faces29 Feb 2016 #8 by BLOGitse#8



faces29 Feb 2016 #9 by BLOGitse#9



faces29 Feb 2016 #10 by BLOGitse#10



I link all these also for


Paint Party Friday



Have a relaxing weekend!



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