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guests, reading, candlelights…

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Hi everyone!


We’ve been busy with guests but now and then

I’ve had a minute to start reading Cathy O’Neil’s book

‘Weapons of Math Destruction’ (Suom. Matikkatuhoaseet).

Do you know the book, read it?

I’ve just started,  interesting and scary…


This acrylic ‘trees’ painting is for

Paint Party Friday


acrylic trees by BLOGitse


Our little guests made castles for candles.


candles in the snow 1 by BLOGitse


candles in the snow 2 by BLOGitse


I’ve made more faces for

29faces Feb 2018

You find all of them HERE.





29facesFeb2018_#22 by BLOGitse





29facesFeb2018_#25 by BLOGitse



We’ve had and will have real winter,

temperatures from daytime -6°C (21.2F) to nighttime -20°C (-4F)…brrrrrr


weekend greetings by BLOGitse


Have a relaxing weekend!




snow, no snow..what next

Thursday, January 25th, 2018


Hi everyone!


On Wednesday we had a LOT of snow

(white on white is difficult to see but you get the idea)

– on Thursday it was all gone



one day snow next day gone by BLOGitse


It’s difficult to believe it’s soon March!!! jeeee!




Theme Art challenge in January 2018 is
’black, white and one color’



theme art ‘b&w & 1 color’ #4 by BLOGitse


theme art ‘b&w & 1 color’ #5 by BLOGitse



And all 5 together



theme art January 2018 collage by BLOGitse




These are also for


Paint Party Friday



This week has been busy but good.

How was your week?




have a relaxing weekend by BLOGitse



Have a relaxing weekend!







black and white 1/2

Thursday, January 28th, 2016








Paint Party Friday



black ink lines by BLOGitse


Chinese ink straight from the bottle and a few brush strokes…





detail_1 black ink lines by BLOGitse



detail_2 black ink lines by BLOGitse





snowy views by BLOGitse


On our way to a friend’s summer house weekend 3/2016.



snowy branch by BLOGit


snowy branch



snowy stairs by BLOGitse


snowy stairs



snowy swing waiting for summer by BLOGitse


lonely swing



Have a relaxing weekend!



how to survive November 2015: 18 – 22

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015


but first missing images…I forgot to post three days!


November 2015: 4


how to survive Nov 2015_4 by BLOGitse



November 2015: 5


how to survive Nov 2015_5 by BLOGitse



November 2015: 6


how to survive Nov 2015_6 by BLOGitse




and now days 18 – 22



November 2015: 18


how to survive Nov 2015_18 by BLOGitse



November 2015: 19


how to survive Nov 2015_19 by BLOGitse



November 2015: 20


how to survive Nov 2015_20 by BLOGitse



November 2015: 21


how to survive Nov 2015_21 by BLOGitse


First snow in Espoo, Finland 21.11.2015



November 2015: 22


how to survive Nov 2015_22 by BLOGitse



Snow is gone and it’s wet and grey again. And dark.

But life is good!



weekend 7

Friday, February 13th, 2015


When you read this

I’m on my way far, far away from Finland….


But first a watercolor painting from my sketchbook for


Paint Party Friday


fat face profile by BLOGitse



I was watching tv – one politician looked like this! 🙂



fat face, watercolor by BLOGitse




Geometric Friday #18



Oh, no, snow! 🙂



snow pattern Helsinki 11.1.2015 by BLOGitse


Helsinki 11.1.2015



I’m sure you know where we’re going for a holiday…..


Sydney - here we come again by BLOGitse


These pictures were taken when we last time visited here, in 2011.


Sydney waiting by  BLOGitse



Let’s see how much blogging time I will have,

but I promise to visit all those bloggers

who leave me a comment and

have name/url option to leave a comment!


Have a relaxing weekend!

white and white

Friday, January 30th, 2015


One day I was listening the radio

and doodling with watercolors.

These details look like one work….


watercolor doodling details by BLOGitse


but it’s not true.


Macro shooting is great way to create new worlds…

This is how it really looks.


watercolor doodling by BLOGitse


Paint Party Friday



Snow is nature’s own paint…


snow - nature's pant by BLOGitse


Geometric Friday



Have a relaxing weekend!




be sure you have name/URL option to leave a comment

if you want mine, thanks!


looks like a winter…

Friday, December 26th, 2014


Just before xmas we got white blanket

to brighten Northern darkness….


This is how it looked yesterday by the sea in Helsinki…


ice in Helsinki 25.12.2014


You can not walk on the ice yet, not thick enough…



snow in Helsinki 25.12.2014


Sun was shining and it felt like SPRING, even if it was -10C/50F 🙂



This painting I made some time ago with Chinese ink and watercolor.



Paint Party Friday



Luova lauantai / Creative Saturday


‘turkoosi / turquoise’



luova lauantai 'turkoosi' creative saturday turquoise by BLOGitse



Have a relaxing weekend!


 • • •




ps. If you’re Blogspot blogger

be sure you have name/URL option to leave a comment

if you want mine, thanks!


i'm no a robot by BLOGitse

It looks like this when I leave a comment

on a blog with name/URL option…

knob on wood…

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013


week #7 photos




makroviikko/macro week challenge #91


teema / theme:


nuppi // a knob



Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:


macro 'knob' by BLOGitse


 nuppi, nuppi muttei lipputangon 🙂



knob on wood  with shadows 🙂



Shadow Shot Sunday2



Last weekend we visited our friend’s summerhouse.

There was a lot of snow,

so white and clean…



winterlandia by BLOGitse



Sundays In My City



On Sunday it started to melt drop by drop…


melting snow by BLOGitse



Hope is a waking dream.






snow and digital fun

Friday, March 2nd, 2012


weekend #9 photos


These are my last winter shots for this season…



ice fishing by BLOGitse

 ice fishing 5.2.2012


crisp winter day by BLOGitse



winter shadows by BLOGitse

 winter shadows


winter rose by BLOGitse

 lonely rose


still alive by BLOGitse

 still alive


Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City



Life In Pictures



Have a relaxing weekend!




MONDAY 5.3.2012

Digital Fun Challenge will back!

What’s that?

We’re having fun – digitally! 🙂

Here you can see a couple of my old entries

(click the picture and you’ll see original size)


digital fun challenge #14 happy by BLOGitse




digital fun challenge #16 friends by BLOGitse




digital fun challenge #28 'bike' by BLOGitse



 See you on Monday!!!



elokuva – movie

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012



makroviikko/macro week challenge #45


teema / theme: elokuva = movie



word elokuva by BLOGitse

word movie by BLOGitse



extra shots

size 45 by BLOGitse

size 45 – not mine! 🙂


sunrise Helsinki 28.1.12 at 8 34 am by BLOGitse

Sunrise in Helsinki 28.1.2012 at 8:34 am



Sain upean vinkin ravintoarvojen laskemiseen

eli uuden työkalun kaloriseurantaan




the same in U.S. The Nutrient Data Laboratory (NDL)



Ensi viikolla tähän aikaan olen täällä


Next week this time I’ll be here



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