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snow, no snow..what next

Thursday, January 25th, 2018


Hi everyone!


On Wednesday we had a LOT of snow

(white on white is difficult to see but you get the idea)

– on Thursday it was all gone



one day snow next day gone by BLOGitse


It’s difficult to believe it’s soon March!!! jeeee!




Theme Art challenge in January 2018 is
’black, white and one color’



theme art ‘b&w & 1 color’ #4 by BLOGitse


theme art ‘b&w & 1 color’ #5 by BLOGitse



And all 5 together



theme art January 2018 collage by BLOGitse




These are also for


Paint Party Friday



This week has been busy but good.

How was your week?




have a relaxing weekend by BLOGitse



Have a relaxing weekend!







patterns for spring or spring patterns

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Hi everyone!

We had about one week when nothing came down from the sky.

It was so cool! No rain, no snow. We got even some sunshine!

Last couple of days we’ve had minus temperature and

light powder snow now brightens our terrace…very pretty.


I got inspiration to sew again.

First I had to cut and modify patterns, yak, I don’t like that at all.

Finally today I almost finished a tunic,

next one is so much quicker to make.

sewing by BLOGitse


I haven’t had much time to paint nor to draw but a couple sketchers at least.


This face is for


Theme Art challenge in January 2018
’black, white and one color’




Paint Party Friday


theme art ‘b&w & 1 color’ #3 by BLOGitse

gouache, fountain pen on white paper


At last but not least


hope of spring 🙂


tulips by BLOGitse

Have a relaxing weekend!



sewing break

Friday, June 3rd, 2016


This week has been mainly sewing –


sauna window frames are still waiting for sanding because

I need special liquid to get rid off old varnish…


and I don’t like that kind of work… it can wait…xxx more days… 🙂


I’ve made kind of tank tops or sleeveless t-shirts…four pieces so far (different fabrics).


Here’s what I planned to make of this fabric – not all of them

(one top made already)


sewing summer tops by BLOGitse


This is not my favorite pattern but the fabric was on sale… 🙂



Here are details…ink and watercolor with the fabric…


summer top's details by BLOGitse


Do you sew?



Summer is officially in Finland – it’s June!



Have a relaxing weekend!



ring, ring, ring it’s SPRING!

Friday, April 29th, 2016



Hauskaa vappua by BLOGitse



I’ve been sewing after toooo long break.

It took for a while to find right rhythm and

‘see’ how to modify patterns.

Here are a few fabrics I’ve been working with.


fabrics by BLOGitse



April’s Theme art ‘minimalist’ all six works are done.


Waiting what’s the theme for May….


teemataide theme art April 2016 minimalism minimalismi collage by BLOGitse


Paint Party Friday




Have a funfun spring weekend!






Friday, April 5th, 2013


weekend #14 photos


Summer is coming – one day! 🙂


I’m ready – two summer dresses sewn.


How about you –


do you sew clothes or something else?



surrursewing_1 by BLOGitse



surrursewing_2 by BLOGitse


detail of a digiprinted fabric



surrursewing_3 by BLOGitse


the same fabric added with orange bias strip



Now I have two ready made dresses,

still a couple of fabrics waiting for sewing…


Surrurursewing weekend ahead,

how about you?




Shadow Shot Sunday2



Sundays In My City




spring sewing – surrur, surrur

Friday, March 23rd, 2012


weekend #12 photos


Spring is here!



As sure as the spring will follow the winter,
prosperity and economic growth will follow recession.
Bo Bennett


spring 2012 by BLOGitse



Sundays In My City



Life In Pictures



soon blooming by BLOGitse


I want to do to you what spring does with the cherry trees.
Pablo Neruda



My sewing machine has been very busy this week – surrur, surrur 🙂

A couple of summer dresses are ready to wear,

this weekend I’ll finish two neck tops.


sewing by BLOGitse



Shadow Shot Sunday2



pins by BLOGitse


Laws should be like clothes. They should be made to fit the people they serve.
Clarence Darrow



Have a relaxing weekend!



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