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snow, rain…we got it all

Thursday, April 27th, 2017


This April has been very interesting.

One day it’s sunny,

next day snowy,

the following rainy…


Look at these images


footpath 23.04.2017 by BLOGitse


Sunday 23.4.2017


it was nice and dry to have ‘a forest walk’



snowfall 25.4.2017 by BLOGitse


Wet snowfall Tuesday 25.4.2017



grape hyacinth helmililja 25.04.2017 by BLOGitse


Tired Grape hyacinths Tuesday 25.4.2017



grape hyacinth helmililja 26.04.2017 by BLOGitse


Grape hyacinths in the Wednesday afternoon 26.4.2017



after a short shower of hail by BLOGitse


Terrace table after a very short shower of hail

Wednesday 26.4.2017



Between dentist visit and filling a tax return I started to repaint

some old acrylic paintings.


Here’s first step I did,

more layers will come later…



texture painting (not ready) by BLOGitse



Paint Party Friday



and a couple of details


texture painting detail_1 by BLOGitse



texture painting detail_2 by BLOGitse



Have a relaxing weekend!



Have a relaxing weekend! by BLOGitse



Espoo, Helsinki go-go

Monday, June 13th, 2011


The sun in Helsinki

4.6.2011 at 9:56 PM


sun in Helsinki 4.6.11 at 9 56 PM by BLOGitse


The other week we did some shopping in Espoo

These pics I shot from a moving car..

Espoo housing by BLOGitse



Espoo housing by BLOGitse



Espoo housing by BLOGitse



Espoo by BLOGitse



Espoo by BLOGitse



Espoo by BLOGitse



Espoo by BLOGitse



On Saturday we went to a party.

In the afternoon my hubby made me a shrimp and egg sandwich, yummy! 🙂

shrimp and egg sandwich by BLOGitse



dancing queen by BLOGitse

Party’s dancing queen and her beautiful shoes 🙂



rainy Helsinki 13.6.2011 by BLOGitse

I went to dentist and it was raining…


crying window by BLOGitse



crying window by BLOGitse



splish splash by BLOGitse

The heat wave is over and we’re back to ‘normal’ Finnish summer weather! 🙂


Lilac Sireeni by BLOGitse

Lilac in our back yard…


Have a great week everyone!






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