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IWD 2017 Happy Women’s Day 2017!

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017



IWD2017 Intl Women's Day by BLOGitse



“We cannot all succeed

when half of us are held back.”


Malala Yousafzai


♥ ♥ ♥





the sexualization of children

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Sexualization in products for children

Some commercial products seen as promoting the sexualization of children

have drawn considerable media attention:


Bratz Baby dolls that wear thongs.

Girls aged 10 and 11 wearing thongs in primary school.

Padded bras on bikinis aimed at seven-year-olds. Some people regard training bras similarly.


Bratz_doll_Yasmin_Dance_Crewzpicture from Wikipedia

The Bratz brand,

which has remained number one in the UK market for 23 consecutive months focuses

core values on friendship, hair play and a ‘passion for fashion‘.

– Bratz spokesman,  The Daily Telegraph

Read more > Wikipedia

SPARK – Sexualization Protest: Action, Resistance, Knowledge

What is SPARK?

SPARK stands for Sexualization Protest: Action, Resistance, Knowledge.

SPARK is both a Summit and a Movement

designed to push back

against the increasingly sexualized images of girlhood in the media

and create room for whole girls and healthy sexuality.

SPARK will engage teen girls to be part of the solution

rather than to protect them from the problem.


What’s your opinion about the images of this video?





"Moroccan bachelors seek wives who work"

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Here are short excerpts of an article which I found this morning on Magharebia web site.

“Once upon a time, a primary school teacher could easily support his family single-handedly, but that has become very difficult now. The marriage age has risen in Morocco due to the increase in the cost of living. The concept of mutual financial help between spouses is a fairly recent one, especially in urban areas.”

For 33-year-old Farid Laafraoui, the search for a wife has lasted three years. He set a number of criteria that his future spouse must meet, including the need for her to have a job. He told Magharebia that the time when love came before marriage has passed.

“Love is essential, but it is built following marriage on the basis of mutual respect,” he said. “If a couple’s financial situation is stable, they will have fewer problems. My monthly wage is just 5,000 dirhams. A second income will be necessary to run the household and pay for the children to go to school.”

Farid is one of many people who are attributing their focus on women’s financial circumstances to the new demands of daily life. Women are also aware of the change and are placing higher demands on men in return.

Narjiss Bahaoui, a 28-year-old bank clerk, said that several men close to her family and at her workplace had made overtures towards her, but that she preferred someone “ready” to tie the knot.

“Since feelings are not a major criterion for marriage, I have the right to marry a husband who already has a flat and a nice car,” she said. “But despite everything, I’m willing to abandon these preconditions for someone who would love me for myself and not my monthly income. I’m both romantic and realistic at the same time.”

Laaziza celebrated her engagement on Friday.

More pictures and her thoughts about marriage and life in Morocco next week!

Here’s an excerpt of one comment for the article:

“Instead of buying a really nice car, and going out drinking and smoking hash with your friends, if your goal is to get married, SAVE your money!!! Even earning 5000 DH a month, if you are living at home, you can put aside 4500 DH a month!! 4500 X 12 = 54,000 DH!!! There are low cost apartments that are available for 20,000 DH deposits! If you save for 5 years, you would have enough to not only pay off a 50 sq meter apt, but you would have enough to furnish it!!! When you get that out of the way, you then do not have to worry about paying for housing!!! I am not saying it is easy. I am saying it is very doable. Unfortunately, most young men want the easy way out. They want to be able to have extravagent weddings, and drive really nice cars and then marry a working woman. Well, when you marry a working woman, you actually end up needing even MORE MONEY!!! Instead of having just one car, you now need two cars. Instead of paying insurance, garage and storage on one vehicle you now need two, how about child care?”

5.000 dirhams = 444 euros / 589 US dollars

Full Magharebia article and comment here.

List of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita by World Bank (2009) / international dollars


1 Luxembourg 83,978

– Macao 58,262

2 United Arab Emirates 57,821>>> 4.818/month

3 Norway 55,672

4 Singapore 50,701

5 Brunei Darussalam 48,995

6 United States 46,436 >>> 3.870/month

7 Kuwait 46,079

8 Switzerland 44,717

– Hong Kong 43,862

9 Ireland 41,282

10 Netherlands 40,715

11 Australia 39,231

12 Austria 38,749

13 Canada 37,945

14 Sweden 37,905

15 Iceland 37,602

16 Denmark 36,763

17 United Kingdom 36,496

18 Germany 36,449

19 Belgium 36,048

20 France 34,689

21 Finland 34,652 >>> 2.888/month

22 Bahrain 34,274

23 Spain 32,545

24 Japan 32,443

25 Italy 31,909

36 Portugal 24,021

37 Saudi Arabia 23,429

43 Estonia 19,457

57 Turkey 13,904

68 Iran 11,575

92 China 6,675

98 Egypt 5,680

107 Morocco 4,575 >>> 381/month

115 Indonesia 4,205

119 Philippines 3,546

120 Mongolia 3,527

121 India 3,248

176 Congo 320


Do you both work? If yes, why?


Have you noticed life become more expensive in your country, how do you notice that?


How equal women and men are in your country?





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