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after second Friday…

Friday, March 31st, 2017



On Friday 24th of March

I had two dental implants surgery, both sides.

I feel almost ‘normal’ but eating is still slowly…egg is easy to eat! 🙂


Otherwise life is supergreat! (even if we got a snow blanket last night. sigh)

I L-O-V-E this season! More and more light,

snowdrops are blooming in our backyard.



buds and snowdrops March 2017 by BLOGitse



snowdrops by BLOGitse



I haven’t had time to paint nor draw much but the other day

I did some doodling…


First details


just doodling detail_1 by BLOGitse



just doodling detail_2 by BLOGitse



odling detail_3 by BLOGitse



just doodling detail_4 by BLOGitse



Paint Party Friday



and here’s original work


just doodling by BLOGitse


Have a relaxing weekend!


ps. what’s your favorite season, why?



ps.ps. remember I can NOT comment on your blog

if you don’t have name/URL option to leave a comment.

Too many visitors here don’t let me comment on their blog. snif.



after Friday…

Sunday, March 26th, 2017


Hi everyone!


Early on Friday morning I had two implant surgeries.


On Friday afternoon my head felt like a football after a hard game! 🙂


Today my cheeks are still swollen and very, very sore…


But soon this is only a memory.


Heeling has started already, I can feel it.



This painting I made on Thursday,






harmony by BLOGitse


Paint Party Friday



Have a good week ahead!



Looking at the Sky on Friday in front of my dentist's practice…

Friday, February 19th, 2010

May I introduce my dentist in Cairo – Dr. Amr Shabka
He is not just an ordinary dentist, but rather an artist! He is very gentle. 
He never uses those creepy ‘irons’ which are used by dentists in Finland.  
You know those metal strips which are screwed around the tooth and tightened so that the gum cracks!? Autch! I hate them! 
No. Dr. Shabka whittles the fillings like an artist! 
Thank you for the comfort of the treatment! 

Dr. Amr Shabka

This tree is in front of Dr. Shabka’s practice. 
It’s funny how the leafless tree can be so beautiful against the sky… 
Do you agree?

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