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Friday, October 6th, 2017


Hi everyone!


About leaving a comment.

If you’re a Blogspot blogger you see this kind of list of options

for others to leave comments:


name:URL option commenting by BLOGitse


Here I click name/URL option

and after that it looks (sorry in Finnish!) like this


I'm not a robot by BLOGitse


So here – as a human being – I need to tick that I’m not a robot.

If you get nasty/bad/saddening etc. comments

they are written by other human being.

But don’t worry, just ignore, delete them.


Or publish them!




Theme Art challenge for October is


‘domino abstract’


Teemakuun kollaasin haasteeseen tässä kaksi ensimmäistä kuvaa



#1 & #2



domino abstract #1 & #2 by BLOGitse




Paint Party Friday challenge


‘lady in black’


lady in black by BLOGitse


I wanted to play with black aquarelle adding a little water and a drop of white to get different tones…



Have a relaxing weekend!





to comment or shut up?

Monday, September 6th, 2010



I get about 20-30 spam comments per day.

Here are some examples.

I know Christian Louboutin would NOT send spam comments to me.

I checked their homepage.


This shows it’s no news to them –

they have a warning on their homepage

It looks like Mike knows me.

But hey, he thinks I’m a man!!! oh men…

And Anna or Beth, I’ve had enough of your spam comments, thank you very much!



Do you get a lot of spam comments?


Last week I wrote an article why Blogger bloggers are so stubborn?

and I got quite a few comments.

Some of them said that it’s pointless to leave a comment to say for example

“Have a great weekend!” etc.

I THOUGHT that it’s a nice way to leave a blogger (who I know) a greeting, so she/he knows I’ve visited – rather than say nothing.


Now I don’t know what to do.


I read an article here how NOT to leave comments.

I noticed that my way of commenting is totally out of date.


It was ‘a rule’ some time ago to say “stopping by from xxx” and now it’s a no-no.

We all knew ‘we belong to the same community’ but that’s not ‘in’ anymore.

I didn’t know that’s a no-no.

Now I do.


I need to improve my skills to say something relevant


shut up.


I thought every blogger would be happy to get comments,

even if it’s just greetings

(when you ‘know’ the blogger it should be enough interaction if the post is too long to read at that time etc.)


if you play a meme just to say ‘meme greetings’ without deeper messege

IF you don’t have anything to say about the actual post

BUT you want to say something because you play the same game.

How wrong I was.

From now on I stop saying nonsense. If I don’t have anything to say about the post

I shut up.



ps. I didn’t realize early enough that SILENCE is common way to say

‘I’m not interested’ or ‘I don’t need this kind of  comments’…

It took a while but I’ll learn!

I’m sorry if my comments have been ’empty’…



Links to share:

tips for commenting


No Money can buy a true Comment



How about you – does it matter what kind of comments you get?



ps. we all know how stupid “I’m here and now I follow you – please follow me back!” comments are.

I follow those who I WANT to follow.

The same with giveaways. You can’t buy my love with giveaways.


ps.ps. Thanks to all those Blogger bloggers who’ve changed their comment settings to Name/URL option!


Leaving a comment is much more easier now!



Why Blogger bloggers are so stubborn?

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Why some Blogger bloggers are so stubborn?

Why is it so difficult to change your comment settings so that it would be

easy to leave a comment?

Why some of you give only google account option? Why, please tell me!

Why can’t you have Name/URL option?

That way we (other than Blogger bloggers)

would get linked to the right profile page at once.

Not via myopenID page or OLD Blogger profile page. That would save time – for all of us!

I’ve written about this 21.7.2010 here.

Or do you want to have comments from only those who are in Blogger? Please tell me!

Here are a few Blogger blogs which use EASY TO COMMENT options.

A great photographer Stickup Artist


She has Name/URL option.




As you can see I can choose which URL I use (I have 3 blog addresses).


That’s it!

No hassle with google/blogger account options!

(Blogger/google option gives me a WRONG link because my blog has moved.

That means that if somebody clicks that link she/he goes

first to my Blogger profile page and from there to my actual, correct blog address!

IF she/he is still willing to do that! )







Correct link

straight to the right place!

What’s bad about this option is that there’s no follow-up option.

Even if I get a reply from this blogger I don’t have no way to know about it.

Only option is to visit another time and check. That’s time consuming.

Lisleman has DISQUS.

When you start commenting

you sign into DISQUS and keep login

until you finish your commenting tour.

One login saves time and energy!







I’ve never experienced any problems with DISQUS.


Lisleman has a funny, great idea of one post and a lot of comments to that.

Check it out here!



Jayne has DISQUS too. What’s good about DISQUS is that you can follow-up comments.

If/when Jayne replies to my comment I get an email and can reply to her reply.

That’s called interaction!

Jayne is a great writer ! Check out her blog here!


IF you don’t want commenting to be easy for

other than Blogger bloggers

it would be great to know why not?

IF you want comments please make other than Blogger bloggers life easier, thank you!



Olen useampaa teita pyytänyt vaihtamaan asetuksia kommentointiasetuksiin. Koska niin ei ole tapahtunut oletin ettei kommenttini ole tärkeitä ja lopettanut sanomiseni.

Samoin suurin osa niistä jotka eivät enää kommentoi täällä millään kielellä vaikka tietävät Suomen kieleni sujuvan vallan hyvin edelleen, näkemiin.

Sääli, sillä moni blogi oli kiva seurata. Joitakin olen seurannut melkein kaksi vuotta jonka olen tässä kuussa bloggausta harrastanut.

Ajat muuttuu. Niin myös bloggaaminen.

Yhä useampi lukee posteja Readerin kautta eikä vaivaudu kommentoimaan.

Moni odottaa saavansa kommentteja muttei itse vaivaudu näkemään samaa vaivaa.

Aina ei tarvitse olla syvällistä sanomista. Ihan niin kuin ‘oikeassa elämässä’ voi vaan sanoa moi! hyvää päivän jatkoa… Vai oletko törmännyt johonkin ihmiseen joka suhtautuisi nyrpeästi jos moikkaat?

Yksipuolinen monologi ei bloggaamisessa ole minun juttuni.

Jos olisi, sulkisin kommenttiosion kokonaan.

Toivotan kaikille entisille blogitutuille hyvää jatkoa!

Ne joiden blogeja edelleen seuraan: kommentteja tulee kunhan tästä ehdin! 🙂


commenting – blogger vs. wp?

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

As you know I’ve had this self-hosted blog now less than a week.

Exploring and commenting other blogs I’ve noticed a new dilemma.

Here I am leaving a comment on The Fifty Factor blog.

She has a WordPress address but Blogger as a platform.

(hm…is that correct way to say it?)


oooops, I can NOT leave a comment if I don’t have a blogger or google account.

My blog is self-hosted.

So this means that I have to either have a blogger or google account if I want to comment on blogs which are using blogger.

Am I right?

If you know about this please let me and my readers know too!


Here I am leaving a comment on Home Cooking with Sonya blog.

Notice! Comment moderation is ON but I have the option to add my name and URL.

NO google nor blogger account needed because Sonya’s blog is a blogger’s blog.


Am I right?

You NEED to have a google/blogger account if you want to comment on a blog which is hosted by WordPress

but uses the blogger platform?

Yes, yes I know that most of us have google accounts but now I realize it’s a MUST…

Did you know this?


Some blogger bloggers tell me that they have their commenting option open only for those who have a google account because they want to moderate the comments.

As you can see from Sonya’s comment section: all options are open and she has moderation ON.


Have you noticed something interesting when changed from blogger to self-hosted blog or from blogger to WordPress?





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