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ARS 11 – contemporary art in Kiasma, Helsinki

Friday, November 18th, 2011


photos of the weekend #46 / The ARS 11 exhibition in Kiasma, Helsinki part 1.


ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse

“The ARS 11 exhibition investigates Africa in contemporary art. In addition to artists

living in Africa, the show also features others who live outside the continent, artists of

African descent as well as Western artists who address African issues in their work.

The exhibition features some 300 works by a total of 30 artists.”


Read more > ARS 11 in Kiasma


ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (2)

El Anatsui‘s work consists of bottle caps and other metallic waste.”



ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (3)



ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (4)



ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (5)



ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (7)

It was a sunny day when I visited ARS 11…great light and shadows…



ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (8)

El Anatsui’s artwork hanging on the wall…



ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (9)



ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (10)

Look how small she looks next to El Anatsui’s artwork!



More ARS 11 artists/pictures next weekend!



Shadow Shot Sunday



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Life In Pictures



Have a relaxing weekend!




Art is a way for children to tell their own stories

says Patricia Landinez from UNICEF’s Child Protection section.

Read more > UNICEF


Sunday is Universal Children’s Day!




men at work…

Saturday, August 6th, 2011


…and one in shade watching 🙂


Photo of the weekend #31 / men at work…and one in shade watching! 🙂


men at work by BLOGitse

We’ve had a little man, 2,5 yrs, visiting and I’ve been very busy.

I didn’t remember how hard it

is to have a child that age! But a lot of fun!!!
He’s joining his family tomorrow.

We’ll be on the road – I’ll visit your blogs late Sunday

evening or Monday morning.



Shadow Shot Sunday


Sundays In My City



Have a relaxing weekend!



blood, sweat but no tears plus Vodkamom: Some helpful hints from the teacher…

Monday, June 28th, 2010
I love sharp, good knives.
Just couple of hours ago I used one of them to cut something…
This is very sharp…oh yes…
ooooops…I cut my finger instead! Not very deep,
looks worse than it was…
Any vampires over there? This is BLOGitse’s blood, come and suck it! 🙂
Finally it’s sunny and I’m sweating inside.
Too busy to go out today but tomorrow I want to sunbathe for an hour or so…
Are you on holiday?
Are you at work?
If you’re a mother, father, caregiver please read this Vodkamom’s post.
It’s an important message from the teacher!

Khadija Chamrouk 9 years…

Thursday, May 6th, 2010
…needs our help!
I saw this poster in our hotel lobby
My regular readers know that I’m trying to learn French.
Sauver > save 
une vie > a life
but whose life and why?
I spoke with Dr. Hasnaa Azmi and treasurer Tazi Samir from Amicale…

This translation is by google from the original French article by Aujourd’hui Le Maroc:

“Friendship Association of Sport and Recreation organizes Sunday, May 9 in Casablanca “a race to save a life.” This initiative, which joined the association “Planet Baby Mama” aims to save the little Khadija Chamrouk aged 9, suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. “This requires a leukemia stem cell allograft abroad, an operation that is not yet feasible in Morocco,” reads a medical certificate from his doctor, Professor Said Benchekroun, chief of hematology and pediatric oncology at the hospital on August 20 Since March 2008, Khadija was followed by Dr. Zoubir Chouffal Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology Casablanca. “A decline of 12 months from diagnosis, there has been an isolated bone marrow relapse (central nervous system saved) leukemia. Currently, the child is under treatment for relapse, if a second remission was obtained only with an intensive therapeutic allogeneic bone marrow transplant offers hope the best chance of cure, “said a medical certificate from Dr. Chouffal dated February 11, 2010.
The parents of the girl struggling for several months so it can have the best care: chemotherapy, hospital stays, intensive care. However, the survival of the girl depends on the registry, the cost is exorbitant. “It takes two million dirhams for the graft (six months of hospitalization for the mother and daughter and one month for the donor),” says Dr. ALM Hasnaa Azmi, president of the Association of Friendly Sports and Recreation He added that “Khadija monitoring sessions of chemotherapy for 22 months.”

2 million dirhams = approximately 181.000 euros / 232.000 USD

Khadija Chamrouk, 9 years
What a brave, beautiful young lady she is…
Any suggestions how to collect donations globally and quickly?
If you know people in Casa please tell them about this event!
if you’re an expat here – please join the event, it’s only 100 MAD!

bringing up tomorrow's fathers…

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Yesterday was an International Women’s Day

What Women Want June 2009 issue…

Today I want to ask you: 
What kind of men tomorrow’s fathers will be?
How do you bring up your children?
Do you think ‘boys are boys’ and girls are ‘princesses’?

Is a woman’s place in the home? 1 in 4 say yes-poll 
Do you agree?
India (54 percent), Turkey (52 percent), Japan (48 percent), China, Russia, Hungary (34 percent each) and South Korea (33 percent) were most likely to agree that women should not work.

Do you let your boys stay out later than girls? Why if yes?

Could you burn yourself? 
How do you feel when you see women in this kind of situation?
All women are somebody’s daughers/sisters/mothers…
All men are somebody’s brothers/sons/fathers…
Could you rape your mother or sister?

How about our daughter’s future – 
how do you see their future?
What kind of role model you are – 
to your own children or
as an adult in today’s world?

* * *

This news is in Finnish but I want to put it here because it’s important. 
You can google translate it if you’re interested…

Tyttöjen alistaminen alkaa päiväkodista
09.03.2010 10:35
on tositarina suomalaisesta arjesta: Isä tuo itkevän pikkupoikansa päiväkodin johtajan puheille. ”Poikani kunniaa on loukattu hänen sukunsa edessä”, isä sanoo. Poika on kertonut isälleen päiväkodin arjesta.
”Poikaani ei saa nukuttaa kerrossängyssä, jonka yläpetillä tai viereisessä vuoteessa on tyttö”. Isä vaatii uskontoonsa ja kulttuuriinsa vedoten, että suomalaistytöt on eristettävä oikeauskoisista pojista.
Koska tarina on Suomesta, päiväkodin henkilökunta eristää suomalaistytöt maahanmuuttajapojista. Samassa päiväkodissa opetetaan, että kaikki ihmiset ovat tasa-arvoisia ja kaikkia tulee kohdella yhdenvertaisesti. Tämä perustuu tasa-arvolakiin ja YK:n ihmisoikeuksien julistukseen.
Kellään ei ole erioikeuksia uskontonsa tai ihonvärinsä vuoksi, eikä ketään tulee syrjiä uskonnon, kulttuurin tai ihonvärin perusteella. Tämä perustuu lakiin syrjinnän kieltämisestä.
Koska tarina on Suomesta, päiväkodinohjaajat hyväksyvät maahanmuuttajien erioikeudet. Oikeauskoisia poikia kohdellaan päiväkodeissa jo pienestä pitäen etuoikeutettuina. Naisten alistaminen alkaa jo kapaloiässä, Suomessa. Mitä sanovat lapsi-, nais- ja ihmisoikeusjärjestöt?
Joukko kantaväestöön kuuluvia vanhempia valmistelee kantelua tasa-arvovaltuutetulle lastensa laittomasta kohtelusta päiväkodissa. Jos tuomioita joskus jaetaan, rangaistuksen saavat päiväkodin työntekijät, eivät oikeauskoisten isät.
Maahanmuuttoministeri Astrid Thors, oikeusministeri Tuija Brax ja tasa-arvoministeri Stefan Wallin ovat tietoisia tapahtumista suomalaisissa päiväkodeissa.
Ruohonjuuritason kulttuuritörmäykset ovat arkipäivää, joita maahanmuutosta päättävät poliitikot vähättelevät. Suomalaislasten vanhemmat reagoivat kiihtyvällä tahdilla omilla jaloillaan ja vaihtavat asuinalueita, kouluja ja päiväkoteja.
Haluavatko poliitikot, että Suomessa vahvistuu ulkomaalaisvastainen kansanliike, joka jo riehuu Keski-Euroopassa? Minä en ainakaan halua.

words, blobs, birthday and other important things today…sanoja, synttärit ja muita tärkeitä päivän juttuja…

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
as you know English is not my mother tong…hm…
that’s why I have a dictionary on the table – I’ll try to check all the new words,
really learn them, remember…
ooh, but grammar, I will never ever understand or learn the grammar, whatever the language!
I love reading, writing, words…
I try to learn…I really try…

I get a newsletter from http://www.dailywritingtips.com/

Latest article is

The Difference Between “While” and “Whilst”

A reader asks:

“what is the difference between while and whilst?”

Both while and whilst have been in the language for a very long time.
While was in use in Old English; whilst is a Middle English development of while.
As conjunctions they are interchangeable in meaning, but whilst has not survived in standard American English.

I waited whilst Mugabe delivered what he thought were his pearls of wisdom…

I waited while breakfast was finished.

Did you know that? Read the whole article here


Latest funny one, in my mouth/mind, is ‘blob’… Mytho asked me to say

blob blog” 3 x in the row, I can’t – can you? try! Easy? 🙂

if you want to see s-c-a-r-y movie trailer from 1958 ‘The Blob’ go to Mythopolis’s blog

Happy birthday ‘baby’!
He’s living now in China, Beijing… Ni hao!
Firstborn brother is celebrating with you –
have a great time together!

Onnea Kiinaan, Beijingiin,
nuorimmalle pojallemme,
joka nykyisessä kotikaupungissaan viettää tänään synttäreitään!
Isoveli on turistina paikalla – hauskaa iltaa teille!

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