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happy holidays! I have a FREE gift for you…

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009
My regular readers know how crazy my November was.
I was totally PEA no, NUTS!
I did something childish and FUN!
It was great to realize how quickly one month was gone.
I have sweet memories and I want 
 to share them with you.
I made a FREE e-book of my  
NaBloPoMo November PEAce project
You can download it, print it, share it. 

Please come back and tell me if you smiled
if Santa was happy about the idea! 🙂
This is my last posting this year.
I’m going to have a BREAK until end of this year.
I’m going to surf around to read your blogs and 
leave comments 
(best awards blogger can get!)
Happy holidays!
happy holidays! from BLOGitse on Vimeo.

Welcome! – blog dating participants are here! Meet new bloggers and new worlds!

Friday, November 13th, 2009
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I introduce to you the blog dating participants!
Welcome and welGO to visit each others blogs – you can say hi! from me!
Have fun!

I look forward to coming across some new sites. I blog at Life’s Bone (Life is my dog’s name). I like to post about various art projects I get into, and I like to write short fictions. At my site you can also link to my other site, which is mostly longer short stories. That site can be found at mythopolis-mythinglinks

Look forward to learning about what others are doing!


About me: Gutsy I hope, edutainer, I hope (That’s educating while entertaining, for those who might not know.) Writer, workout lover, and mother of 22, 19 and 15-year-old boys. Born in Denmark, lived in Nigeria, Paris, Norwich, Glasgow, Brussels, Strasbourg, southern California, Belize and soon Naples, Florida.

I love Miss Footloose and her writing and stories

It is quite difficult to describe my blog, cause most of my post`s are something “not so wise-stuff”, and it is impossible to translate them in english.(I dont use written language moore pooch I think..) I start my blog in January 2009 and have nothing experience of writing before that. I have two sons, but they dont live at home anymore, so I have very much time of my own…My English is so rusty nowdays, but this is a great way to practise!
I love to read these three blog, because:

Hallatar has great poetry, and she have so sensitive way to add great picture and fine rhyme together.

Isopeikko writes so fine fairy tales of troll, fox, bear and little wolf, and also fantastic stories about life!
You can read those stories also in English.

   Harmaasusi lives in Lapland, and his way to write is unique! He is also a great photographer!

Hope you enjoy as much as I do! 
About me: I write very random stuff. I love photography and am now experimenting with different mediums like painting and encaustics.
Looking forward to meeting new bloggers!

1. I’m English, living on the Isle of Wight.
2. The only Finnish word I know is ‘suklaa’!

3. My blog is a cross between a photoblog and an online journal about all sorts of creative projects.
4. This is my first date since 1991!
Looking forward to meeting new bloggers…

* * *
These bloggers visited and left a comment

MARTHA (Menagerie)
TRACY (Hey Harriet)
one more…
Nick: RennyBA
Blog: RennyBA’s Terella
Bio: Enthusiastic man with extensive experience in networking. My blog is about Norway and the Nordic countries; the significant four seasons, our culture, traditions and habits.
#1: Mrs. Lifecruiser: about a Swedish couple with a passionate interest in travel, photography and actually: the whole world!
#2: Beaverboosh: An outgoing and open-minded Canadian in Norway.

Pls, give me feedback – is this a good idea?
do you know if there is already this type of platform somewhere?

Blog dating 11.11.2009 – welcome! Blogideitit 11.11.2009 – tervetuloa!

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Let’s start blog dating! 
First of all I want to introduce you to my very first commentator, EBRUFIN, a Finnish blogger who lives in Turkey with her family. She writes in Finnish but she’s fluent in English too! 
Next. My loyal blogger commentators for about a year now. Men first (or a man sorry there’s only one) 
MYTHOPOLIS This man is one of his kind! He’s funny, clever, artistic and a good writer. And he knows a lot ‘how to’.
NICOLE She’s an expat living now here in Egypt, Sharm el-Sheikh. She shoots birds. NO! With camera! And explores around her new location at least in English and German.
SCRIBER This woman is…multitalented, funny – even crazy (like me). Her “A Wine Opera”  is super hilarious and unique! 
When I started blogging and I had few problems and 
VILIJONKKA helped me. She lives in Beijing, China. Vilijonkka writes in Finnish but her blog is full of beautiful photographs – so you don’t need to worry about the language. She’s fluent in English and Swedish too. At the moment she has a raffle on her blog – leave a comment and you’re in! 
SUSUPETAL A multitalented Finnish blogger, writes great short stories in Finnish but she has a blog in English too. 
YAELIAN, a Finnish blogger, writes in Finnish but can communicate with several other languages. She lives in Israel. 
ELEGIA A Finnish blogger who just moved to London but is now on a trip to Tokyo. How cool is that? She designs blog templates with her a Finnish blogger friend 
ITKUPILLI who lives in Los Angeles. 
ARJAANNELI I mentioned already…
A new, fresh and interesting blog is 
EVERETT BOGUE‘s ‘simplifying life through a minimalist existance’. You can subscribe for free email…
GUTSY WRITER Yes, she’s the one who asked how to share our audiences – she has a lot to say in her blog…

As I wrote in the introduction memes are not enough for me. But I do them! 
After a long break I started again Hey Harriet‘s ‘Shadow Shot Sunday’ run by Tracy in Australia. 
Memes push me to shoot. And I get material for other use too. 
Some of you might know that I love colours?! I found a new meme called ‘Colour Carnival’ run by MENAGERIE (Martha)
Those two memes keeps me busy with my passion – photographing (learning more every day). 
This is my main blog but I have three more…
my  meme, NaBloPoMo pictures etc. 
travel pictures from Australia, Kuala Lumpur etc. 
in Finnish we discuss about politics, religion, men-women, daily life topics etc.

Write a comment with your name (like BLOGitse).  
Add a link YES! this time I need your link to your blog! 
(like http://BLOGitse.blogspot.com) 

Tell something about yourself, one or two lines and 
add couple of your blogger friend’s links as well (like I did) and 
tell us something about them – 
why should we visit yours or her/his blog? 

What’s going to happen next – I don’t know. Let’s see! 
Let’s start! 
Your turn!
EDIT This part of the blog dating will be closed tomorrow, Friday 13th yes it’s Friday and 13th, at 10 am Cairo time
The final dating post is out later tomorrow…but I’ll tweet you! See you!

INTRODUCTION to the blog dating, starting today 11.11.2009… yhteenveto blogideittailuun, joka alkaa tänään 11.11.2009…

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Yesterday I was desperate. How and where to start explaining the idea of the ‘blog dating’…
This morning * BANG! * I had a question waiting in a comment box: 

“What I really want to learn is how to link with others to share our audience, not necessarily through a meme or a carnival. Any tips?”

Before that question I didn’t know anything about blog carnivals
I’m NOT a social media guru, I don’t know enough to have 10.000 interactive followers. 
I’ve learned blogging basics from gurus. 
I started blogging in August 2008. I have still a lot to learn! I learn by doing. 
For me the biggest problem was and is: English is not my native language. My grammar sucks. But only way to communicate ‘out there’ is other than Finnish and for me it’s English. I’m very, very curious person. NOT to sneak celebrities wardrobes or who’s dating who. 
I’m interested about people all over the globe. I want to learn about new cultures. 
I want to get more blogger friends (to become friends needs more than one meme comment ‘Nice shot!’). (Some bloggers do only memes and that’s fine with me but not enough for me.) 
Here are some gurus and blogs I follow. 
From Chris Brogan‘s postings I got a flame for blogging globally. 
From Problogger I find a lot of information. 
From Blogdoctor I get help when my bloghead is aching. 
There are a zillion more – just ask me!

From Daily Blog Tips I got the basic idea for ‘blog dating’. 
Daniel asked his audience a question 6.10.2009: 
“Dear reader, who are you?” 
Why a guru wants to know who I am? I posted my answer. 
I checked this morning, he had 238 responses! And he answered to all those responses!
From those responses I found couple of new blogs. 

To get new audience I have to be active. I have to go around and look for new interesting worlds. 
Nobody’s coming to knock my door: “Hi! Here you are – 10.000 interactive followers!” 
No. I have to do the work myself.

I’ve always wanted help people if I can. I’ve introduced several bloggers to each others. Now I want to do that public. That’s ‘blog dating’! 
I’m sorry but you have to wait couple of hours for the actual blog dating post, thank you!
* * *
In Finnish. Suomeksi. 
Eilen olin epätoivoinen. Pähkäilin miten ja mistä aloitan kertoakseni näistä ‘blogideiteistä’.
Tänä aamuna * BANG *! kysymys odotti kommenttilootassa:

“Mitä todella haluan oppia on, miten linkittyä muiden kanssa, jakaa yleisöä, ei välttämättä meemien tai blogikarnevaalien kautta. Mitään vinkkejä?”

Ennen tuota kysymystä en edes tiennyt mistä blogikarnevaaleista on kysymys!
En ole sosiaalisen median guru, en tiedä enkä osaa tarpeeksi saadakseni 10.000 interaktiivisia seuraajaa.
Olen oppinut bloggauksen perustiedot alan guruilta.
Aloitin bloggaamisen elokuussa 2008. Minulla on paljon vielä opittavaa! Minä opin tekemällä.
Suurin ongelmani, harmini oli ja on: englanti ei ole äidinkieleni. Kielioppi kaikilla kielillä sucks.
Mutta ainoa tapa kommunikoida ‘maailmalla’ on englanti (tai espanja jne.) siis muu kuin suomen kieli.
Olen hyvin, hyvin utelias henkilö. EN kuitenkaan ole kiinnostunut julkkisten vaatekaapeista tai kuka tapaa ketä.
Olen kiinnostunut erilaisista ihmisistä ympäri maailmaa. Haluan oppia uusia kulttuureja. Haluan saada lisää bloggaajakavereita (tulla ystäväksi jonkun bloggaajan kanssa vaatii hiukan enemmän kuin meemikommentin “Kiva kuva!”). (Jotkut osallistuu bloggailuun vain meemeissä ja luo oman verkostonsa sita kautta. Siitä vaan mutta ei riitä minulle.)

Tässä joitain asiantuntijoita joiden blogeja seuraan.
Chris Broganin postauksista sain liekin bloggaamiseen maailmanlaajuisesti.
Problogger jakaa monipuolista tietoa.
Blogdoctor auttaa kun blogipää on kipeä. Noita on lisää vaikka kuinka – Just ask me!

Daily Blog Tips blogilta sain peruskipinän ‘blogideittailu’ideaan.
Daniel kysyi lukijoiltaan 6.10.2009: “Hyvä lukija, kuka sinä olet?” Miksi guru haluaa tietää kuka minä olen? No, lähetin vastaukseni joka tapauksessa.
Tarkistin tänä aamuna – hänellä oli 238 vastausta! Hän myös vastasi noihin kaikkiin kommentteihin!
Noiden vastauksien myötä löysin myös muutamia uusia blogeja.
Saadakseni uutta yleisöä ja vipinää sosiaaliseen vuorovaikutukseen minun on oltava itse aktiivinen. Minun täytyy kierrellä, löytää uusia, mielenkiintoisia maailmoja ja jättää kommentteja.
Kukaan ei tule oveen koputtamaan: “Hei! Täällä on sulle 10.000 vuorovaikutteista seuraajaa”.
Minun täytyy itse tehdä työtä verkottumiseni eteen.
Olen aina halunnut auttaa ihmisiä jos vain osaan ja voin. Olen ollut monen bloggaajan ensimmäinen kommentoija. Olen yhdistänyt monia bloggaajia koska aistin heillä synkkaavan.

Nyt haluan tehdä tämän isommin, julkisesti.
Varsinainen ‘blog dating’ postaus tulee parin tunnin kuluttua.
Siihen osallistuminen tapahtuu englanniksi. Miksi? Mahdolliset vain englantia puhuvat (tai sillä kommunikoivat) bloggaajat eivät ymmärrä suomen kieltä.
Jos haluamme vuorovaikutusta ja tavata
uusia mielenkiintoisia tuttavuuksia meidän pitää käyttää yhteistä kieltä.
Älä välitä kieliopista tai virheistä.
Pääasia, että osoitat kiinnostuksesi verkottumiseen. Kysykää vaikka Arjaannelilta! sau 🙂

blog dating starts tomorrow 11.11.09…get together! huomenna alkaa blogideittailu! 11.11.09

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Tomorrow we start blog dating here! 
I’m going to introduce you to couple of handsome, interesting and successful blog(ger)s and you have to introduce yourselves to the whole dating gang here!
Details tomorrow!

Are you ready to meet new friends?

Huomenna täällä alkaa blogitreffit!
Aion esitellä teille muutamia tutustumisen arvoisia, mielenkiintoisia ja menestyneitä blogituntemattomia (ainakin osalle teistä.)
Teidän tehtävänne on esitellä itsenne koko deittiporukalle joka tänne riemurinnoin tulee itsestään kertomaan.
Ohjeet tulee huomenna!

Oletko valmis tapaamaan uusia ystäviä?

what a party yesterday! how do you feel today? mitkä bileet eilen! miten sinä voit tänään?

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
HoW are WE doIng toDay? headaChe?
My feet and butt are sore from dancing. Good I didn’t put high heels on!

Tomorrow I’ll be back to normal routines…How about you?
MiTes meIllä täNään kulKee? onKo PäänSärKyä tai mUita KiPuja?
Mun jalat ja takapuoli on ihan hellänä eilisestä tanssimisesta.
Sitä se tekee kun tanssii liian harvoin! Onneksi ei ollut korkokenkiä jalassa!

Huomenna olen takaisin normaaleissa rutiineissa…Entä sinä?

Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjes

today we have a party here – all invited! tänään täällä on bileet – kaikki mukaan!

Monday, August 3rd, 2009
It’s my blog’s 1 yr birthday party – WELCOME!

On blogini 1v synttäribileet – TERVETULOA!

Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjes

Have a piece of cake! Ota pala kakkua!

“Ladies and gentlemen – world famous Egyptian belly dancer –

“Hyvä yleisö – nyt meille esiintyy kuuluisa egyptiläinen vatsatanssija –

Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjes

Oh, she’s good, right? Hän on hyvä, eikö?

“Now it’s time to make a toast. Thank you for coming to my blog party!”

“Kiitos kun tulitte blogibileisiini!”

Cheers! Kippis! Salud! Prost! Skål! Cin cin! Santé!

Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjes

“Are we ready to rock? Yes we are!

Klik hier voor meer gratis plaatjes

Did you have a good time? I did! Thank you for coming!
See you soon!

Oliko sinulla mukavaa? Minulla oli!
Kiitos kun tulit!
Nähdään pian uudelleen!

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