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light and lights…

Thursday, January 11th, 2018


Hi everyone!

Finally we have more daylight!



The other evening we enjoyed LUX light show.

Helsinki Cathedral looked like this here on my blog

in 2011 in daylight


Senaatintori Helsinki by BLOGitse



In the evening it looked like this

(too many people and other ‘blocks’ to shoot better photos, sorry)



LUX Helsinki 2018 by BLOGitse



This is for


Paint Party Friday




Theme Art January 2018

‘black, white and one color’





theme art b,w+1color #2 by BLOGitse


black ink and turquoise gouache (looks more blue than turquoise)




Have a relaxing weekend!



Amaryllis by BLOGitse



old year is wiiiuuuuh, only a memory!

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Happy New Year 2018 by BLOGitse

Hi everyone!

Hope you all are well and life is good!


My break was really relaxing…lots of candles, good food and

nice drinks…No hassle, no stress.


This year I’ve been to gym, started studying Spanish again and

found ‘bonesetting’.  It’s very difficult to explain but you might get an idea


from here and here.


Afterwards I felt like a new me! Next week again 🙂


I’ve been painting too but most not finished yet.

This one is ready, abstract, for


Paint Party Friday and


Theme Art January challenge


‘black, white and one color’


This is a detail of ‘color’ – a dot of turquoise :


detail of theme art b,w+1colour #1 by BLOGitse



theme art b,w+1colour #1 by BLOGitse



Teemataiteen tammikuun haasteena on

‘musta, valkoinen ja yksi väri’

Yllä oleva kuva on on musta ja valkoinen höystettynä

pikkuruisella turkoosilla täplällä.


You wanna smile?

This is perfect for ‘bonesetting’ theme! 🙂




Have a relaxing weekend!

about: commenting, abstract, painting

Friday, October 6th, 2017


Hi everyone!


About leaving a comment.

If you’re a Blogspot blogger you see this kind of list of options

for others to leave comments:


name:URL option commenting by BLOGitse


Here I click name/URL option

and after that it looks (sorry in Finnish!) like this


I'm not a robot by BLOGitse


So here – as a human being – I need to tick that I’m not a robot.

If you get nasty/bad/saddening etc. comments

they are written by other human being.

But don’t worry, just ignore, delete them.


Or publish them!




Theme Art challenge for October is


‘domino abstract’


Teemakuun kollaasin haasteeseen tässä kaksi ensimmäistä kuvaa



#1 & #2



domino abstract #1 & #2 by BLOGitse




Paint Party Friday challenge


‘lady in black’


lady in black by BLOGitse


I wanted to play with black aquarelle adding a little water and a drop of white to get different tones…



Have a relaxing weekend!





silhouettes and a gentleman

Friday, October 14th, 2016



Hi everyone!

How’s your week been? busy? happy?


I’ve been busy and happy 🙂


Here are my next entries for


Theme Art challenge in October: ‘silhouette’












The other day I got an idea to draw a portrait…


I found a model from internet.

It started like this






Paint Party Friday



Here’s he finished






Hercule Poirot is a gentleman.


Donald Trump is NOT!




Have a relaxing weekend!




it’s October!

Friday, October 7th, 2016



Hi everyone!


What a beautiful autumn week we’ve had.

Sun’s been smiling and leaves are yellow, red…


This week we used oil pastels in the art course.

Not my thing.

I like to try all kinds of mediums and

realized that oil pastels are not for me…

We had to continue this sunflower oil painting (left side)

Normally I buy good quality mediums but these oil pastels were cheap,

very cheap and they feel cheap. Not good pigment and not pleasant to draw…


I didn’t have feeling to finish it

but here’s the result I did during the course

(we cut a copy of the sunflower painting, clued it on the paper and continued with

free style to make as one painting)







Paint Party Friday




For Theme Art challenge in October




I’ve made only miniature drawings (sizes approx. 0.4-1 inch)


Lokakuun teemataiteeseen teen ainoastaan minisiluetteja, kooltaan n. 1-3 cm.



silhouette 1






silhouette 2





More coming next week!



Have a relaxing weekend!



Digital Fun Challenge #33 – ‘black’

Monday, March 26th, 2012



Digital Fun Challenge #33



theme is


>>> black / musta <<<


Here’s my entry


digital fun challenge #33 'black' by BLOGitse



Show me yours!


Welcome to play along!


Nyt on sinun vuorosi – tervetuloa mukaan!


 Here’s the original pic I manipulated for

challenge #32


digital fun challenge original picture #32 by BLOGitse




inlinkz is open from Monday till Sunday 6 pm


ps. We moved our clocks one hour forward,

it’s summer time in Finland now 🙂


All countries > timeanddate

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