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light and lights…

Thursday, January 11th, 2018


Hi everyone!

Finally we have more daylight!



The other evening we enjoyed LUX light show.

Helsinki Cathedral looked like this here on my blog

in 2011 in daylight


Senaatintori Helsinki by BLOGitse



In the evening it looked like this

(too many people and other ‘blocks’ to shoot better photos, sorry)



LUX Helsinki 2018 by BLOGitse



This is for


Paint Party Friday




Theme Art January 2018

‘black, white and one color’





theme art b,w+1color #2 by BLOGitse


black ink and turquoise gouache (looks more blue than turquoise)




Have a relaxing weekend!



Amaryllis by BLOGitse



it’s September!

Friday, September 1st, 2017



Hi everyone!
How are you? Did you have a good summer?
My summer was great even if the weather wasn’t perfect…hubby had six weeks vacation so we had time to do things at home and a couple of short trips etc. And tomorrow we’ll escape for two weeks. First one week in Greece and then another in Spain. Can’t wait sun, good food and wine, swimming, being…

I’ll try to draw 29faces too. And to take a lot of photos! 🙂






This time I’ll try to do all 29 + 1 with one line,


‘Continuous Line Contour Drawing’


#1 faces Sept 2017


faces29 Sept 2017 #1 by BLOGitse




This face is also for


Paint Party Friday





We visited Viljandi, Estonia this summer.

Viljandi is a small, walkable, green, cute city with lots of culture!

This is the first set of photos from Viljandi.


Ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle


Ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle_1 by BLOGitse


Ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle_2 by BLOGitse


Ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle_3 by BLOGitse


Ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle_4 by BLOGitse


Ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle_5 by BLOGitse


Ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle_6 by BLOGitse


Ruins of the Viljandi Order Castle_7 by BLOGitse

More coming next week!


Have a relaxing weekend!




pouches, teeth and oven…

Thursday, April 13th, 2017




First of all,

I’m sorry not visiting your blogs but last couple of weeks have been



My diverticulosis activated again but I started antibiotics on Tuesday.


My dental project has began – now I have six temporary teeth

on upper jaw…

sitting on that chair 2,5 hrs wasn’t that bad. My gums were totally numb,

so no pain.


Our oven said ‘bye bye’, started to smoke. Today we got new one working.


Isn’t all this enough for a couple of weeks? 🙄



These are for

Theme Art Challenge April 2017

‘something new’


(previous post here)



paper yarn something new_4 theme art april 2017 by BLOGitse



paper yarn something new_5 theme art april 2017 by BLOGitse





Paint Party Friday


is this ‘painting’ which

is made with glue, white acrylic and that paper yarn.


acrylic paper yarn painting by BLOGitse



Happy Easter by BLOGitse



Happy Easter!






last face…almost

Friday, March 3rd, 2017


This is it, last picture – number 29




29faces Feb 2017






faces29 Feb 2017 #29 by BLOGitse



and one more


‘an extra man’


extra man by BLOGitse



I link these for


Paint Party Friday


where dozens of artists show their


works every Friday…



All my 29faces Feb 2017 pictures are







Have a relaxing weekend!


rosy dreams by BLOGitse


‘rosy dreams’






almost forgot


Theme Art challenge collage


February 2017





Theme Art Feb 2017 collage by BLOGitse





how to survive November 2016: aesthetics of everyday life days 19 – 22

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016



how to survive November 2016: aesthetics of everyday life challenge by Lepis.


My previous posts:

days 1-2
days 3-4
days 5-8
days 9-11
days 12-16

days 17-18



day 19





day 20





day 21





day 22





Now I feel how this November is getting harder…dark, darker, too dark but

I’ll survive!



Nyt alkaa pimeys vähän nyppiä mutta kyllä tästä selvitään!



colorful August…

Thursday, August 18th, 2016


Hi everyone!


Oh it’s been RAINY! and windy…

Rain and hard wind are good reasons to be inside


get up and do some exercise.

Yes. I started this Monday…some Tai Chi, Pilates,

using a foam roller (oh that’s hard but feels gooood!)

and just stretching…


my old exercise mat by BLOGitse




Look up and get an inspiration to paint.

That’s how this watercolor painting started…for


Paint Party Friday



August clouds watercolour by BLOGitse



One day it was sunny enough and I shot Rowan in our garden.



Rowan in our garden by BLOGitse


Nice looking but hard wind blows berries/fruits all over our wooden terrace.


oh well, all kinds of stuff is coming down: rain, snow, pollen, needles…



What’s coming down in your garden/neighborhood? 🙂



I’ll have a blogging/holiday break –

see you again in September!


Enjoy rest of this August!



sanded and painted

Friday, June 10th, 2016


Hi everyone!


I gave up sanding the sauna window frames. We’ll do it later or not…

But I sanded one of four old stools.

Icky brown is almost gone,

it gives  interesting surface with transparent pearl white paint.


sanded old stool by BLOGitse


Here it’s only partly painted. I’ll show it next weekend when two coats done…



I found leftover flower painting to show you…


summer flowers by BLOGitse


Paint Party Friday


Here’s a detail of that


detail of summer flowers by BLOGitse



Before rain we had to cover all kinds of renovation stuff,

after rain:


rainwater on heavy duty tarp by BLOGitse



rain drops on heavy duty tarp by BLOitse


Have a relaxing weekend!



R.I.P. Prince

Friday, April 22nd, 2016







I’ve danced like a hurricane with Prince,

my hubby has always respected Prince as a great musician, an artist.



R.I.P. Prince by BLOGitse





Last two of six Theme art works…


Teemataiteen viimeiset kaksi työtä…



teemataide theme art April 2016 minimalism minimalismi_5 by BLOGitse





teemataide theme art April 2016 minimalism minimalismi_6 by BLOGitse





Paint Party Friday




Collage of all six coming next week…


Kaikki kuusi kuvaa ensi viikolla…



Have a relaxing weekend!





spring is here!

Friday, April 1st, 2016


Yes, spring is here but it’s still cool…


It looked like this on Thursday 31.3.2016  by the sea in Helsinki, Finland



Kompassitori, Helsinki_1 31.3.2016 by BLOGitse



Kompassitori, Helsinki_2 31.3.2016 by BLOGitse



A few days ago I shot these little beauties in our garden



white blossoms by BLOGitse



spring whites by BLOGitse



What are these?

I am NOT a horticulturist, I know nothing about plants, autch.



Tiedätkö mikä näiden kaunokaisten nimi on?



Our Easter time was busy – we changed our bedroom to the garden side and

our ‘office’ to the other side.


I’m still organizing all that stuff…

This is how I felt yesterday 🙂



in the middle of organizing by BLOGitse



Not very dark –  but busy looking strokes! 🙂



A couple of details



detail_1 of watercolor painting by BLOGitse



detail_2 of watercolor painting by BLOGitse



Paint Party Friday



 I’m sorry I haven’t visited your blogs but arranging stuff


took all my time and energy.


I promise to visit again asap!!!



Have a relaxing weekend!



winter doodling

Friday, January 22nd, 2016




It’s (been) cold –

good reason to be inside…

Watching tv and doodling is a good combo.

Later some color and sprayed water.

Winter doodling.


Paint Party Friday



ink watercolor doodling_1 by BLOGitse



ink watercolor doodling_2 by BLOGitse



LIGHT is a magic word here during the winter months….


LUX was again a magic word for lights in Helsinki…






Our latern is relaxing in deep snow…


winter latern by BLOGitse



Have a relaxing weekend!



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