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knives and rain…

November 7th, 2012 by BLOGitse received 28 Comments »


week #45 photos




makroviikko/macro week challenge #79


teema / theme:


terävä // sharp



Vastaukseni / here’s my entry:



macro 'sharp' with shadow by BLOGitse


NOPE, I’m not cutting myself with this sharp little knife even if Spanish verbs are difficult 🙂

I peel fruits and vegetables with it!


This is knife has the only shadow I’ve seen for days – it’s been raining and raining…




* The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain *

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



Shadow Shot Sunday2


Sundays In My City



autumn in Malaga  Spain 4.11.2012 by BLOGitse



We had Halloween here in Málaga too –

here are some of the best models 🙂



Halloween in Malaga, Espana by BLOGitse



Halloween in Malaga, Espana by BLOGitse (2)



Halloween in Malaga, Espana by BLOGitse (3)



Halloween in Malaga, Espana by BLOGitse (4)



Halloween in Malaga, Espana by BLOGitse (5)



Halloween in Malaga, Espana by BLOGitse (6)


She didn’t stab me!!! 🙂



¡Buen fin de semana a todos!



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28 Responses to “knives and rain…”

  1. avatar Yaelian says:

    Hauskat Valentine-kuvat! Miksi kaikkialla sataa muttei meilläpäin….

    • avatar BLOGitse says:

      On kyllä Halloween kuvia 🙂 no, sattuuhan sitä. Tosiaan vettä on tullut varmaan kahden suomen syksyllisen verran!

  2. Kiiltävän terävä terä

  3. avatar arleena says:

    Veitsenterävää, vaahteran syksyistä terävää ja naamiaisten riemukasta naamioiden terävää.
    Iloiset, mutta pehmeännäköiset juhlat.

  4. avatar kaari3 says:

    Veitsi vilahtaa, kurkku katkeaa…hah…muut naamat eivät paljon naurata, ovat niin hurjan näköisiä! Ajankohtainen sarja.

  5. avatar Liplatus says:

    Huih mitkä terävät pirskeet, pelottaa.:))
    Mainio kuvasarja!

    Veitsen terä oikein hehkuttelee valoisasti terävyyttään.

    • avatar BLOGitse says:

      Hauska yhteensattuma kun olin jo päättänyt postata noi Halloween kuvat ja macroon tuli terävä – tuli heti mieleen
      tuon kimman järkyttävä ilme veitsen kanssa! 🙂 Mutta kädethän paljastaa tytön olevan nuori ja viaton! 🙂

  6. avatar Matkatar says:

    Huh mikä veitsi ja mitkä asut!

  7. avatar -maiju- says:

    Melko pelottavaa… 🙂

  8. avatar robin says:

    i have always liked that quote about the rain…there seems to be a theme to all the halloweeners…great shots and editing. have a fabulous day!!!

  9. What a fabulous set of images!!! I also love how you processed them (how’d ya do it? how’d ya do it?). AWESOME!
    Also loved the quietness of the leaves sitting on the bench waiting…

  10. Love the spark of light on the knife and the perspective of the bench. Wonderful shots.

  11. avatar Catherine, Riviera says:

    great pattern in that first shot

  12. You captured some scary creatures there — having a knife for a shadow shot seems to fit the scene perfectly!! Enjoy your weekend — hope you get some sun!

  13. avatar Ralph says:

    Not only does the knife show a shadow, the sharp edge shows off a great sunburst – sorry to hear abut all the rain, but your indoor photography art makes up for that! As for costumes, I would o probably disguise myself like this, but the creativity and artistry these partygoers show is very cool!

  14. So you were in Malaga Blogitse. Spanish is a beautiful language. It looks like you had a tonne of fun!

    Hello Blogitse, it has been a while and it feels good to be able to visit again.

  15. avatar Keetha says:

    Wow, that’s some scary intense Halloweenin’

  16. Great pics. So glad you had a fun halloween.

  17. avatar Tara R. says:

    Learning a new language is so difficult, especially when the rules you’re used to with your native language don’t apply to the new one.

    The Halloween costumes are amazing… and scary.

  18. avatar Wayne says:

    That knife picture is very cool…

  19. avatar Vicki says:

    Looks like you had a fun Halloween!

    I really like the reflection off the knife in that first photo.

  20. avatar Unknown Mami says:

    That knife shot is something else. I feel like the pic alone could cut me.

  21. I saw your quote on Unknow Mami and I knew I MUST come visit.

    Glad. I. Did. Xx

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