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city break in BEARlin, part 3

April 27th, 2012 by BLOGitse received 32 Comments »


weekend #17 photos


Previous posts are here 1 & here 2.



Gerhard Richter’s art is…AMAZING!


His photo paintings are amazing, his abstract works are amazing, wow!



Landwehrkanal, Berlin by BLOGitse



Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Germany by BLOGitse

 Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Germany
February 12, 2012 – May 13, 2012


queu to Richter's exhibition at 1030 by BLOGitse

 A looong queue at 10:30 am


shorter queue to Richter's exhibition 3 pm at by BLOGitse

 Not so long queue at 3 pm.


Richter's posters by BLOGitse

Photo-paintings and the Blur

Many of these paintings are made in a multi-step process of representations. He starts with a photograph, which he has found or taken himself, and projects it onto his canvas, where he traces it for exact form.

Taking his color palette from the photograph, he paints to replicate the look of the original picture.

His hallmark “blur”—sometimes a softening by the light touch of a soft brush, sometimes a hard smear by an aggressive pull with his squeegee—has two effects:

1. It offers the image a photographic appearance; and

2. Paradoxically, it testifies the painter’s actions, both skilled and coarse,

and the plastic nature of the paint itself.

In some paintings blurs and smudges are severe enough to disrupt the image; it becomes hard to understand or believe. The subject is nullified. In these paintings, images and symbols (such as landscapes, portraits, and news photos) are rendered fragile illusions, fleeting conceptions in our constant reshaping of the world.

 Wikipedia tells you more > here.



Richter's Betty by BLOGitse



info Richter's Betty by BLOGitse



Richter's Reader by BLOGitse

Reader 1994


Richter's Candle by BLOGitse

 More Richter’s candles > here


Richter's Ema, Nude on a Staircase, by BLOGitse

 Richter’s Ema, Nude on a Staircase


Richter's Toilet Paper Roll by BLOGitse

 Toilet Paper Roll



Richter gif by BLOGitse



 Shadow Shot Sunday2

lots of artsy shadows, right 🙂


Sundays In My City


Life In Pictures



Have a relaxing weekend

before celebrating May the 1st! 🙂


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32 Responses to “city break in BEARlin, part 3”

  1. Kylläpäs onkin vaikuttavia töitä!! Vallankin livenä nähtynä, uskon.
    Leppoisaa ja maukasta viikonvaihdetta ja Vappua!
    kiirepakolainen recently posted..Kiirepakolainen tilkuttaaMy Profile

  2. avatar Allu says:

    Katos vaan, olet käynyt Richterin näyttelyssä. Minulla on -heh heh – jonkinlainen “suhde” Richteriin, kun meillä on yhteinen lääkäri ja olen nähnyt hänet odotushuoneessa ja hän on lahjoittanut sille lääkärille yhden grafiikkansa. Ja last but not least, hänen suunnittelemansa iso lasi-ikkuna on Kölnin tuomiokirkossa.
    Allu recently posted..Rainbow raceMy Profile

  3. avatar Yaelian says:

    Upeita !Tuo tekniikka on muutenkin tosi kiinnostava. Täällä näin just näyttelyn ,jossa paikallinen artisti käytti samanlaista tekniikkaa ja kuvat olivat häkellyttävän upeita!
    Yaelian recently posted..Ikkunasta katsottua…My Profile

  4. Tuscan Explorer…

    Blogitse » Blog Archive » city break in BEARlin, part 3…

  5. The queue at 3 p.m. consisted of stragglers who started at 10:30 a.m. It was a long day!

    Seeking Clarity—and Shadows
    magicalmysticalteacher recently posted..Seeking ClarityMy Profile

  6. Terrific, different shadow shots for the day! Great art work! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    Sylvia Kirkwood recently posted..Shadow Shot SundayMy Profile

  7. avatar Kelly says:

    It’s certainly an interesting technique this artist uses. I quite like the effect!
    Kelly recently posted..Shadow Shot Sunday #78My Profile

  8. avatar Joan says:

    Amazing talent. Beautiful!
    Joan recently posted..Shadow Shot SundayMy Profile

  9. avatar Ralph says:

    This is great art! I like how we view these and try to determine if it is real or an illusion. It prompts us to linger and check our senses again and again. Art should make us think a little bit – that’s what is so enjoyable about any and all art! That gallery building is artistic all by itself too!
    Ralph recently posted..Shadow Shot Sunday – Savory and sweetMy Profile

  10. Intriguing art with a sense of spiritual stillness! Love the streetscape presentation of it! And wonderful view of the waterway in the first photo!
    Gemma Wiseman recently posted..EmptyMy Profile

  11. Fascinating approach! Thanks for sharing the info.
    Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio recently posted..Shadow PortalMy Profile

  12. avatar chubskulit says:

    I love that first shot.

    Thank you for your contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday 2!
    Luscious shadows. Have a safe and happy weekend!
    chubskulit recently posted..Dandelion TreatsMy Profile

  13. avatar genie says:

    What a fabulous artist. I enjoyed you commentary on how he approached and carries out his art. He is amazing. No wonder the queue was so long. I am sure the show was well worth the wait. His blur is so delicate. What a wonderful post. genie

  14. avatar dianne says:

    very artsy 🙂
    dianne recently posted..At the Water’s EdgeMy Profile

  15. avatar Raymonde says:

    What a great city to visit, Berlin! This artist is way out there. Glad you enjoyed your trip 🙂
    Raymonde recently posted..Sunday in my City – Westfield, StratfordMy Profile

  16. avatar Wayne says:

    An interesting set of art work.
    Wayne recently posted..Sundays in My CityMy Profile

  17. thanks so much for sharing! Beautiful!
    Heather ~ Acting Balanced Mom recently posted..Sundays in my City – Happy Birthday Robyn!My Profile

  18. avatar Keetha says:

    All the art work is lovely – I especially like the girl reading.

    However, what REALLY caught my eye is the toilet paper going down the back, which IS OF COURSE what I call “the right way” to roll!!!!
    Keetha recently posted..A River Runs Through My CityMy Profile

  19. avatar Vidya Sury says:

    That is a unique technique. The photos are great, BLOGitse. 😀 Hope Mr BLOGitse had a great birthday!

    Happy Sunday!
    Vidya Sury recently posted..Collecting SmilesMy Profile

  20. I have waited in long lines too in the past for special exhibitions at the New Orleans Museum of Art. I like the toilet paper roll!
    Laurie Matherne recently posted..The Last HurrahMy Profile

  21. avatar Tara R> says:

    The paintings are so realistic, amazing artwork.
    Tara R> recently posted..A splash of colorMy Profile

  22. I LOVED the Candle and the Toilet Paper! Such a sharp shadow on the latter. The Nude also had some great light play!

    Thanks for sharing,

    John McElveen recently posted..SHADOW SHOT SUNDAY IIMy Profile

  23. avatar Molly says:

    I love the nude… she looks so natural and beautiful.

    Molly recently posted..Day 118 – DiscardedMy Profile

  24. avatar Star Traci says:

    Amazing art work — no wonder there was such a queue!

    Happy Sunday!


  25. avatar robin says:

    there are amazingly talented people out there…so very cool!! thanks for sharing!!! loved this post!!
    robin recently posted..…4.29.12…My Profile

  26. avatar Unknown Mami says:

    Really wonderful works. Very inspiring.
    Unknown Mami recently posted..Sundays In My CityMy Profile

  27. […] I recognized original Richter’s work which I saw in Berlin…. […]

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