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ARS 11 – contemporary art in Kiasma, Helsinki 2.

November 25th, 2011 by BLOGitse received 35 Comments »



photos of the weekend #47 / ARS 11 – contemporary art in Kiasma, Helsinki part 2.




Previous post is here > 18.11.11

 ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse

Left: Statue of Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim (4 June 1867 – 27 January 1951)

was the military leader….Mannerheim is widely regarded,

by many Finns and non-Finns alike, as the father of the modern country of Finland.



Mary Sibande

Mary Sibande 'The Reign' in ARS 11, Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse

Sibande depicts a woman named Sophie who wears a blue dress remininscent of a
Victorian costume and a maid’s outfit…Sophie turns everyday rules upside down.



Mary Sibande in ARS 11, Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (2)

More Mary’s art in Gallery MOMO 



Patrizia Guerresi Maïmouna

Patrizia Guerresi Maïmouna in ARS 11, Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse

Gurresi considers themes of femininity, religion abd corporality –

in her own words, “the mystic body”.

More her art here.



Pieter Hugo

Pieter Hugo in ARS 11, Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse

…the lives of people at an electronic waste dump in Ghana.

Read more about permanent error.



Romuald Hazoumè

Romuald Hazoumè in ARS 11, Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse

…the snake made out of old oil canisters –

they point tot the West African oil industry and the smuggling that goes on.

Romuald in Facebook



Odili Donald Odita

Odili Donald Odita in ARS 11, Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse

Odita often creates paintings directly in existing spaces –

wall painting challenge us to experience the space in a new way.

Visit his website.



Kudzanai Chiurai

Kudzanai Chiurai in ARS 11, Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse

This photographic series introduces the Black President and his imaginary government.

More his art here.



Barthélémy Toguo

Barthélémy Toguo in ARS 11, Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse

…like a temporary refugee camp built to satisfy urgent needs…

Visit his website.




Watch artists interviews here or visit Kiasma’s website.



Did you notice all the shadows in and out? 🙂


Shadow Shot Sunday


Sundays In My City


Life In Pictures



Have a relaxing weekend!




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35 Responses to “ARS 11 – contemporary art in Kiasma, Helsinki 2.”

  1. avatar Allu says:

    Kiitos kierroksesta, melkein kuin olisi itse käynyt. Hauskaa viikonloppua!
    Allu recently posted..Elefantteja ja BollywoodiaMy Profile

  2. avatar Yaelian says:

    Tuo sinipukuinen nainen hevosella ja muutkin saman aiheen hahmot olivat kyllä vaikuttavia,samoin kuin nuo valokuvat.
    Yaelian recently posted..Magneetteja joka tuutistaMy Profile

    • avatar BLOGitse says:

      Kannattaa googlettaa noita taiteilijoita, lisaa kuvia loytyy vaikka kuinka paljon.
      Tajuaa myos sen kuinka kansainvalisia kaikki taiteilijat ovat!
      Tama ARS oli mielestani todella onnistunut!

  3. avatar SusuPetal says:

    Kiitos uusintakierroksesta, kävin katsomassa ARSia heti kun se aukeni, joten siitä on aikaa. Oli mukavaa muistella uudestaan nähtyä.
    SusuPetal recently posted..Baby, Leave Your Hat OnMy Profile

    • avatar BLOGitse says:

      Muistan. Taisit kayda siella Lepiksen kanssa tai sitten oli joku muu nayttely…..
      Tanaan menen katsomaan tanssia…ihanaa!

  4. avatar lepis says:

    Heh, mennään yhdessä ensi kerralla!
    lepis recently posted..Sunday Classic – 201111My Profile

  5. avatar Angela says:

    Beautiful photos, very interesting art this is!
    Angela recently posted..A trip, a photo – Seville, a maze of narrow alleysMy Profile

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    I like the artistry of the horseman and his steed – the horse is big, but can be managed to assist the man in his quest. The horse and rider as one…

    Odita offers a neat 3-D geometric feel, the colors so bold! What a neat museum!
    Ralph recently posted..Shadow Shot Sunday – Luxury Living, 1762My Profile

  7. Sophie must be my guardian angel or my patron saint!


    Shadows above me, shadows below,
    Shadows beside me, wherever I go;

    Shadows each morning, shadows at night—
    Shadows, O shadows, you’re my delight!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadows here and shadows there
    Magical Mystical Teacher recently posted..UnfoldingMy Profile

  8. avatar robin says:

    what a mixture of art you have presented today. must go back and linger on them for awhile. happy sss!!!
    robin recently posted..…from stillness and silence…My Profile

  9. avatar dianne says:

    I really like the the Mystic Body series
    I saw lots of shadows
    wonderful series
    dianne recently posted..Autumn Reflections and Shadows at the MarinaMy Profile

  10. avatar Unknown Mami says:

    Sophie on the horse is AMAZING!
    Unknown Mami recently posted..Fragmented FridaysMy Profile

  11. An intriguing series! The snake created from oil canisters is so clever! And the maid in blue dress on a horse is stunning!
    Gemma Wiseman recently posted..Dromana BridgeMy Profile

  12. avatar Sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing all this fascinating art-and some shadows too!

  13. avatar genie says:

    The works by Maru Sibande are my favorites. I would love to read more about the story behind Sophie. I like all of the works, but hers are the ones that touch me the most. Lots of great shadows. Such a nice collection for us to see. genie

    Where is my shadow,
    I can’t find her anywhere,
    I’m lonely without her.

    If the lighting’s right
    and I am out in the yard
    I bet she’ll be there.

    That will make me smile,
    My loneliness will then end
    I’ll be with my friend.
    genie recently posted..Swinging on a Swinging Bridge on SundayMy Profile

  14. Love, love , love it! Almost as good as seeing it in person-I really like Sophie.
    Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio recently posted..Celebrating the MundaneMy Profile

  15. avatar Kelly says:

    What a magnificent statue of the woman in the blue dress on the rearing horse!! Quite impressive!
    Kelly recently posted..Shadow Shot Sunday #56My Profile

  16. avatar oceangirl says:

    Each picture is so amazing. Happy Sunday Blogitse.
    oceangirl recently posted..Warna-warna Wanita MelayuMy Profile

  17. avatar Seow Wei says:

    Beautiful I have never seen before, thanks for sharing, happy sunday.
    Seow Wei recently posted..Little DragonMy Profile

  18. avatar rokssana says:

    kiitos 🙂

    Happy Sunday
    rokssana recently posted..life in pictures -15 – George LundeenMy Profile

  19. […] însuşi. Bunăoară, eu mă consider pe mine ceea ce îmi aduc aminte că sunt. De asta uneori oamenii sunt în aparenţă schimbători sau au umori diferite. De fiecare dată îţi aduci aminte alte […]

  20. avatar Cris Mary says:

    Oau , art in every form. I love it! Have a nice day !
    Cris Mary recently posted..Life in pictures 10My Profile

  21. avatar Tara R. says:

    Very striking, and thought-provoking photos.
    Tara R. recently posted..In and upMy Profile

  22. avatar Wayne says:

    That was a fabulous group of pictures…

  23. avatar Vidya Sury says:

    Lovely visit! Wonderful pictures!
    Vidya Sury recently posted..Sunday In My City – Some DIYMy Profile

  24. I love the art that others create! So fantastic.
    Life with Kaishon recently posted..thankfulMy Profile

  25. Not much relaxing here: 1500 mile road trip! Ugh. Cool shots.

  26. avatar Costin Comba says:

    I like Barthélémy Toguo. Have a nice week.
    Costin Comba recently posted..Gaudeamus 2011 – Life in Pictures 18My Profile

  27. avatar BLOGitse says:

    Thanks for your visits and comments!
    I’ve been busy this weekend and today I have ‘painting day’.
    I’ll visit your blogs later today…
    Happy Monday!
    BLOGitse recently posted..ARS 11 – contemporary art in Kiasma, Helsinki 2.My Profile

  28. avatar Sarah says:

    Hi again! Yes that is acrylic paint-that is my kitchen table but mainly used as an art table! Thanks for the Sadie comment too-she is a real sweetie!
    Sarah recently posted..Books, Art and CollectionsMy Profile

  29. The artwork certainly makes you think. I especially liked the one about the waste in Ghana demonstrated by a huge wheel. Also the African president portrayed in so many different characters. it’s been a while since I came over. Glad to see you’re still showing your inspiring photos.
    Sonia Marsh/Gutsy Living recently posted..“My Gutsy Story” by Nikki Ah WongMy Profile

  30. avatar Nikki says:

    Thanks for the photos.
    I was very interested in the refugee camp option. It looks almost practical, but the top bunks might be a bit risky.
    The whole page has thought provoking art.
    Nikki recently posted..Experiencing ChristmasMy Profile

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