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ARS 11 – contemporary art in Kiasma, Helsinki

November 18th, 2011 by BLOGitse received 30 Comments »


photos of the weekend #46 / The ARS 11 exhibition in Kiasma, Helsinki part 1.


ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse

“The ARS 11 exhibition investigates Africa in contemporary art. In addition to artists

living in Africa, the show also features others who live outside the continent, artists of

African descent as well as Western artists who address African issues in their work.

The exhibition features some 300 works by a total of 30 artists.”


Read more > ARS 11 in Kiasma


ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (2)

El Anatsui‘s work consists of bottle caps and other metallic waste.”



ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (3)



ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (4)



ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (5)



ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (7)

It was a sunny day when I visited ARS 11…great light and shadows…



ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (8)

El Anatsui’s artwork hanging on the wall…



ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (9)



ARS 11 in Kiasma, Helsinki by BLOGitse (10)

Look how small she looks next to El Anatsui’s artwork!



More ARS 11 artists/pictures next weekend!



Shadow Shot Sunday



Sundays In My City



Life In Pictures



Have a relaxing weekend!




Art is a way for children to tell their own stories

says Patricia Landinez from UNICEF’s Child Protection section.

Read more > UNICEF


Sunday is Universal Children’s Day!




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30 Responses to “ARS 11 – contemporary art in Kiasma, Helsinki”

  1. avatar Allu says:

    Harmittaa, ettei ehditty kesällä käymään tuossa näyttelyssä. Hauskaa viikonloppua!
    Allu recently posted..Favourite Photo FridayMy Profile

    • avatar BLOGitse says:

      No tule ens vkonloppuna katsomaan loput kuvat – tahan postaukseen en ehtinyt enempaa laittaa.
      Mukavaa viikonloppua myos sinne!

  2. avatar sirokko says:

    Gigantesque! Mahtavaa kierrätystä. Ja isot työt sopivat hyvin noihin tiloihin.

    • avatar BLOGitse says:

      Ei tuon teoksen kokoa oikein tajunnut ennen kuin himassa huomasin sen pienen ihmisen kavelevan siella kaytavalla… 🙂
      Nautin suuresti taman kertaisesta ARSista!

  3. avatar Yaelian says:

    Olin tuossa näyttelyssä nyt kesällä ja siellä oli paljon hienoja teoksia,jotka saivat ajattelemaan.
    Yaelian recently posted..Edelleenkin sateista 🙂My Profile

    • avatar BLOGitse says:

      Niinpa, kaksi tuntia meni kuin siivilla. Olisin voinut jaada pidempaankin mutta piti menna toisaalle.
      Mielenkiintoinen, koskettava ja tasokas nayttely!

  4. avatar lepis says:

    Kohta se loppuu. Ja sitten tulee taas jotain uutta ja jännittävää.

    Hauskasti olet käynyt kamerasi kanssa nuuskimassa samoissa paikoissa. Minultakin löytyy arkistoista kuva noiden portaiden alta 🙂
    lepis recently posted..Sunday Classic – 131111My Profile

    • avatar BLOGitse says:

      Muutaman kuukauden tauko jonka aikana on (en muista milloin) mahdollisuus tutustua Kiasmaan riisuttuna, ilman taideteoksia. Jos vaan voin aion kayda katsastamassa…
      Nuuskiminen on kivaa. Tykkaan Kiasman ilmapiirista ja siita etta siella saa vapaasti valokuvata.
      Kiasma on kuin pikkuguggenheim, Bilbaossa se isompi… 🙂

  5. I like the aluminum “wall hanging” made of castoff cans! Delightfully innovative!


    I have a little shadow that always follows me;
    My shadow is my best friend, as anyone can see.

    No matter where my feet go, my shadow’s always there—
    Except, of course, at midnight with darkness everywhere!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Sunflower Shadows
    Magical Mystical Teacher recently posted..Lady SunflowerMy Profile

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    I like that ‘curtain’ of metal bottle caps, art can offer a practical side, too! I like the curvy ramp bringing us up levels – perfect for wheelchairs, too. The artistic shadows seem fitting in such a cool gallery!
    Ralph recently posted..Shadow Shot Sunday – Shadowy worshipMy Profile

  7. avatar Ms. Becky says:

    I’m glad you showed the photo of the woman to show the size of the hangings. I was wondering about that. it’s amazing work. and the building itself is beautiful. great shadows. happy SSS to you.
    Ms. Becky recently posted..shadow shot sundayMy Profile

  8. avatar Ms. Becky says:

    hey, the slow process of leaving a comment is gone!!! it happened instantly…that’s great!
    Ms. Becky recently posted..shadow shot sundayMy Profile

  9. avatar robin says:

    great series of shots!!! love your black and white as always. the scale of the art to the person is huge. wow!! happy sss. have a great weekend.
    robin recently posted..…it may be the real reason…My Profile

  10. That’s a cool arts… that give you the coolest shadows, evah!

    How’s everything in Helsinki? Cold and dreary like Stockholm?

    Enjoy your w/end.

    Happy SSS.
    Chubby & Chique recently posted..EU Father’s Day on SSS…TTT & TS of course join the FuntimeMy Profile

  11. avatar LaVoice says:

    Really enjoyed my visit today on your blog. Most interesting and different showing. Nice shadows.
    LaVoice recently posted..Shadow Shot SundayMy Profile

  12. avatar Ann says:

    These are gorgeous photos. The wall hanging is incredible.

  13. avatar Kelly says:

    Wow! I had no idea how large that truly was until the final shot! It looks like a great exhibit.
    Kelly recently posted..Shadow Shot Sunday #55My Profile

  14. avatar Tara R. says:

    Such an interesting display. You’ve captured some gorgeous shadow play too.
    Tara R. recently posted..Rust and ironMy Profile

  15. avatar genie says:

    What a fabulous art collection. Love the tin pieces. I have a number of pins made of tin by a lady living in Germany.These pieces are wonderful and full of color. The light and shadow shots are amazing. Both were perfect for great captures. And that final shot of the lady beneath the art piece really gets the point across of how large the work is. This is a great post for the art lover. genie
    genie recently posted..Bud Runs the Star City Half Marathon ~ 11-19-11My Profile

  16. avatar Cris Mary says:

    Beautiful !Art in every form and art with every thing. Have a nice day !
    Cris Mary recently posted..Life in pictures 9My Profile

  17. avatar Laurie says:

    I like the perspective of artist to art. Wow.

  18. avatar Vidya Sury says:

    What fantastic perspective. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing and have a great Sunday!
    Vidya Sury recently posted..Sundays In My City – At HomeMy Profile

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  20. avatar Unknown Mami says:

    I’ve seen El Anatsui’s work before. I find it amazing.
    Unknown Mami recently posted..Sundays In My CityMy Profile

  21. avatar Maggie says:

    The architecture/shadow shots are fantastic. Your ability to capture spectacular imagery is inspiring. I always enjoy visiting your site.
    Maggie recently posted..Girls’ Night OutMy Profile

  22. avatar Costin Comba says:

    Interesting ideea, to make a “metal wall” from bottle caps and other metallic waste
    Costin Comba recently posted..Asternut de Toamna – Life in Pictures 17My Profile

  23. avatar Life Mix says:

    Interesting photographs, the one with shadows looks like some creepy street we don’t want to be with during the night
    Life Mix recently posted..Holiday Hard Beverages: What You Need To KnowMy Profile

  24. avatar Seow Wei says:

    wonderful art, nice shot, thanks for sharing.
    Seow Wei recently posted..Drinking MilkMy Profile

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